Get a Great New Start with Vallarta Adventure Weddings

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Get a Great New Start with Vallarta Adventure Weddings

Although marriage in and of itself is a great new adventure for you and your loved one, there’s a way to make that special day even more special and memorable, impossible as that may sound.

More to the point, the best way to start off your lifetime commitment is through an adventure wedding that emphasizes how much of an exciting life you’ll be leading from thereon end with your wife- or husband-to-be. Immersing yourself in a traditional wedding ceremony isn’t enough to capture the full grandeur of your loving life together; you need to go all out. You need to start off your marriage odyssey with a genuine wedding adventure.

Vallarta Adventure‘s tropical beach hideaway of Las Caletas is a particular treat to couples who want to add a little pizzazz to their wedding, because it’s full of premium-grade features and benefits such as wedding parties, ideal locations, and other unforgettable activities that will make the wedding of your dreams become an event beyond your wildest expectations.

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It doesn’t hurt that the majestic and world-renowned Sierra Madre Mountains serve as your panoramic backdrop or that the natural beauty and seclusion of this destination wedding location will make your union in holy matrimony all the more fantastic in more ways than one. In regards to the exclusivity of this wedding adventure package, couples should keep in mind that the location is only accessible by boat alone.

There’s nothing in this world that exudes romance and adventure quite like going to a place that’s solely reserved for you and your significant other. The premium-grade Las Caletas location isn’t the only highlight of this adventure wedding setup; the staff and crew of Vallarta Adventure are also quite handy when it comes to personalizing your wedding. No, this isn’t cosmetic personalization wherein only the names on the banner and the cake are changed. The kind of customization that Vallarta Adventure offers includes customization in accordance to your personal style, budget, and all the other unique attributes of your pairing. You can make your wedding as simple or over the top as you want it to be!

To be more specific, the package offers Platinum, Gold, and Silver packages. The Platinum package is most suited for those who prefer the VIP or celebrity treatment while lounging around in a tropical beach getaway with your closest of kin and best of friends. This intimate affair is perfect for 80-guest parties. As for the Gold package, you’ll get Paradise Wedding wherein you’ll experience the perfect ceremony with 30 of your closest family and friends. Finally, the Silver package offers Barefoot Weddings, which in turn showcases ten-guest banquets while you’re barefoot at a grandiose beach wedding.


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