Two Authentic Italy Cooking Tours: Mama Margaret

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Mama Margaret presents Tuscany Family Cooking Tours in Florence and Bologna Family Cooking Activities in Emilia-Romagna. Mama Margaret is dedicated to authentic cooking experiences in Italy and these tours are the epitome of decadent Italian cooking with authentic charm.

The Florence Authentic Family Cooking, Food Market and Sights Tour is a four-night tour in Florence that includes a city tour of Florence, a food market tour with lunch and wine, one full hands-on cooking lesson with snacks, dinner and wine for a full menu. Guests can also enjoy a half-hour italy trip consulting with Mama Margaret herself.

Guests are invited into a Florentine home and learn how to prepare and serve a traditional Italian meal and then, of course, eat it! Guests learn the passion and care behind a delicious meal sprinkled with pecorino, parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta, Tuscan salami, prosciutto, focaccia and almond cookies with Vin Santo.

The Bologna family Cooking Tour invites guests on a tour of Bologna’s market in the center of its Old City, a full cooking lesson preparing an authentic menu in a private home, a tour of Parma’s parmesan factory, a tour of a prosciutto factory and a visit to a balsamic vinegar producer.

Personal tour guides assist you in discovering the authentic Italy culinary activity so you feel as though you’re cooking with local Italian friends. Share the simple joys of la vita bella with Mama Margaret‘s culinary activities.


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