Abercrombie & Kent announces 15 Extreme Adventures for 2010

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As hectic and demanding as most people’s daily lives are, each person deals with it in their own way: some choose to retreat while others charge forward, in pursuit of a life-altering experience to focus the mind and renew the spirit. This inspiration is often revealed through a challenge of some sort to one’s physical, emotional or psychological capabilities — or in the case of Abercrombie & Kent’s Extreme Adventures, all three.

“I’ve learned that the glories of professional and social success can’t compare to the rush of achieving personal quests against nature,” says Geoffrey Kent, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Abercrombie & Kent. “We designed these itineraries to provide modern-day adventurers with an opportunity to conquer nature instead of the boardroom – a rare experience that will transform their belief of what is truly possible, of the obstacles they can overcome.”

And now the reward is even greater as Abercrombie & Kent has redesigned Extreme Adventure itineraries to further enhance these ultimate experiences. Some itineraries such as Egypt: Traces of Lost Civilizations are shorter and more focused for limited vacation time while others such as Nepal: Ascent to Everest Base Camp have been lengthened to allow for premium altitude acclimatization and a deeper immersive experience.

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Detailed day-by-day itineraries can be found at www.akextremeadventures.com with new trips added as new opportunities for adventure become available. But sometimes it’s the minute-by-minute challenges and triumphs experienced on an Extreme Adventure that count. “Notes from the Field” delivers this with personal narratives written by travellers about their experiences. Last month, expedition member L. Craig Smith shared his vivid images and stories from Norway: On the Trail of the Polar Bear (March 21-30, 2009). As new challenges are met, compelling first-hand accounts will be updated on the website.

Why Abercrombie & Kent?

When you find yourself at the ends of the earth, you want exceptional experience, knowledge, skills, support and reputation at your back. Bringing nearly a half-century’s experience of satisfying the world’s most discerning travellers, Abercrombie & Kent has a heritage unmatched in the travel industry.

Successfully managing the risk inherent in adventure travel is only possible with the most capable and experienced guides in the world. Abercrombie & Kent‘s guides are the best in their fields, sensitive to each traveller’s capabilities and ready to motivate in the most challenging conditions. A small group size – no more than 6-8 – ensures that the guides can focus on each individual, in addition to allowing the group to move quickly and limiting the impact on the environment.

Abercrombie & Kent’s pioneering tented safaris were born from an insatiable desire to consistently deliver journeys that defy all expectations and with Extreme Adventures A&K comes full circle. The first Extreme Adventure set out in the fall 2008 with a trek 1,500 feet below sea level, following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia through Jordan’s uninhabitable desert. 2009 began with a journey to one of the harshest environments in the world, the Arctic Circle, to track one of nature’s fiercest predators, the polar bear. But it was the allure of thin air – treks to Everest Base Camp and the newly-reopened Lemosho Route to summit Mount Kilimanjaro – that proved to be the most requested.

Desert Expeditions

  • Egypt – Traces of Lost Civilizations: Brave the Western Desert, a vast region filled with rock carvings thousands of years old and otherworldly chalk formations. Eleven days from $5,975.
  • Jordan – Following in the Steps of Lawrence of Arabia: Traverse the same sands as T. E. Lawrence and living in desert camps as he and his Bedouin allies did. Eleven days from $7,990.

Extreme Safari

  • Kenya – Unchartered Frontiers: Experience Kenya on an adventure safari worthy of Hemingway as you explore by vehicle, on foot and on camelback. Eleven days from $9,955.
  • Tanzania – The Selous on Foot: Camp in Africa’s largest game reserve, exploring the remote, wildlife-rich wilderness from the Rufiji River to the open plains. Eleven days from $10,899.
  • Zambia – River & Walking Trails: Venture deep into the bush, relying on canoes and your own feet to bring you within breathtaking distance of Zambia’s wildlife. Eleven days from $8,390.

Mountain Trekking

  • Mount Kilimanjaro – Lemosho & the Western Breach: Trek the least-travelled and most-scenic route to the summit of the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Twelve days from $6,845.
  • Nepal – Ascent to Everest Base Camp: 18,000 feet up the face of Mount Everest lies Everest Base Camp, the last stop for expeditions on their way to the summit. Twenty days from $5,590.

Man & Machine Extreme

  • South Africa & Botswana – Seeking the Ultimate Thrill: Experience a different side of South Africa on this adrenaline-packed adventure. Twelve days from $11,950. To the Edges of the Earth
  • Antarctica – An Audience with Emperors: Fly over the continent of ice to camp within 50 feet of the nesting area of as many as 3,300 Emperor Penguin chicks. Price TBD.
  • Norway – Dog Sledding in the Arctic: Mush your own dog sled team through miles of untouched Arctic wilderness. Nine days from $9,655.
  • Norway – On the Trail of the Polar Bear: A remote camp set up for you on the pack ice is your base for four days of tracking and observing polar bears. Eleven days from $13,995.
  • The South Pole – Conquering the Final Degree: Ski the last 70 miles of unforgiving landscape to the South Pole, where few in history have ever set foot. Price TBD.

Undersea Adventures

  • Belize – River & Rainforest: Explore the rainforests of Belize via riverboat, ATV and on foot to track the elusive jaguar and puma. Eight days from $6,995.
  • Belize – Diving the Blue Hole: Dive more than 100 feet down to investigate the mysteries of what appears to be a vertical hole deep in the ocean. Six days from $5,485.

From the polar ice caps to the African deserts and all points between, which of these adventures will challenge and inspire you in 2010? Go to www.akextremeadventures.com for detailed itineraries, expedition maps and “Notes from the Field” or call 800 554 7094 to speak with an expedition expert.


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