Abercrombie & Kent Bring Remote Antarctica Within Reach

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For those dreaming of genuine adventure, Antarctica has long been considered the last frontier. This pristine landscape of mountains and glaciers is at the top of many travellers’ “want to go” lists and interest in Antarctica is ever-increasing. In response to the demand A&K has just added a fourth departure to the 2012-2013 Antarctic season.

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Travel in comfort and style on the spacious ‘Le Boreal’, the only all-balcony expedition ship in the region and the most environmentally friendly ship to sail in Antarctica: its cutting-edge technology includes the most up-to-date waste water system, recycling facilities and other measures designed to ensure that the ship operates with minimal impact on the environment.

Choose from varied itineraries for every type of traveller: the departures feature special programming, from making a difference in the world or a holiday for the entire family.

Classic Antarctica (Nov 27 – Dec 10, 2012)

This is A&K’s quintessential two-week voyage scheduled especially for photographers during the ideal time of year to capture the changing weather conditions of the early Austral Summer season. Capture a stunning experience of color and contrasts with dramatic sunrise and sunsets, pristine snow and the ice pack beginning to break up. This cruise is a paradise for those who want to observe and photograph wildlife at close range, as this is the most active time of year in penguin rookeries, with nest building in full swing and early chicks hatching. Fourteen days from $9,896 (when booked before March 31, 2012).

Fighting Climate Change in Antarctica (December 7-20, 2012)

Explore the best of the Antarctic Peninsula: vast penguin and seabird colonies, dramatic icebergs and calving glaciers. This Philanthropic Journey, recently named a “Trip of a Lifetime” by Travel + Leisure, combines Classic Antarctica with the opportunity to learn about the impact of climate change on the region’s environment and wildlife from Dr. James McClintock who works with the National Academy of Sciences to document the effects of climate change. Visit Palmer Research Station, meet the scientists and present them with vital equipment necessary for their research.
Fourteen days from $9,896 (when booked before March 31, 2012).

Family Holiday – Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands (Dec 17, 2012-Jan 5, 2013)

Bring the entire family on this departure of Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands. This journey of discovery is ideal for families as it includes all the holiday trimmings, a dedicated children’s program for young explorers and gaming room to provide kids their own leisure space. Spacious two room/two bath suites provide additional comfort and privacy for families.
Twenty days from $15,296 (when booked before March 31, 2012), special family offers available.

Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands (January 2-20, 2013)

Those who are passionate about wildlife can now follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest adventurers of all time: Sir Ernest Shackleton. This is your opportunity for close-up views of the unique king penguin, along with large colonies of fur and elephant seals. Leisurely hikes on the Falkland Islands take you to penguin rookeries and other unspoiled wildlife habitats, and you can visit a whaling station to learn about a now-vanished way of life.
Nineteen days from $15,296 (when booked before March 31, 2012).


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