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When perched on the side of a mountain, thousands of feet above the clouds, the last thing you want on your mind is to doubt your own abilities, to be thinking “I wish I had trained better.” To help intrepid travellers prepare for an Extreme Adventure, Abercrombie & Kent recommends Fit for Trips, a service which provides itinerary-specific fitness programs designed to get adventurers at any level of conditioning into shape for their planned adventure.

They offer customized resistance and endurance programs that ready travellers for all types of trips, including trekking, paddling, road and mountain biking. Both in-home and in-gym programs are available and are designed to diminish chances for injury or overexertion.

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With interest in more active travel exploding, legendary travel company Abercrombie & Kent has added 15 new Extreme Adventures into the mix for 2011, from Mountain Trekking to Multi-Sport. No matter how fit, even a marathon runner would not be able to fully enjoy a five-day kayaking excursion along the Baja Coast without proper training.

Fit for Trips programs include exercises and workout intensities that simulate the same stresses and forces on the traveller’s body that they would experience during the expedition. This prepares the body to handle the unique challenges of a specific itinerary for a more successful and rewarding experience. Whether already engaged in a fitness program or just starting a new fitness regimen, Fit for Trips provides appropriate training programs, ranging from four weeks ($169) to twelve weeks ($339).

Forget your preconceptions of “adventure travel.” Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures blow the lid off the box, combining the most spectacular regions, the finest wilderness guides and A&K‘s trademark mix of privileged access, air-tight organization and outstanding service. Journeys are rated on a scale of 1 (light physical activity in remote locations) to 4 (strenuous physical activity in harsh environments or high altitudes) to accommodate every kind of adventurer.

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