Abercrombie and Kent Debuts New Group Tour

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Machu Picchu, PeruThis spring Abercrombie and Kent is launching a series of tailor-made group trips aimed at exploring some of the world’s best kept secrets and most fascinating sites.

The acclaimed tour operator introduces new tours in Peru‘s Machu Picchu, Honduras, Libya and more. Abercrombie and Kent‘s tours include the following cultural vacation experiences:

Northern Peru followed by the Inca heartland where Alfredo Mormontoy, Machu Picchu’s resident archaeologist, will explain Hiram Bingham’s century old discovery; Tibet and the enigmatic city of Lhasa with professional photographer Jon Nicholson; Discovering Kyrgyzstan, one of the best kept secrets in Asia travel; Libya, a country full of treasures which have barely been scratched by archaeologists or time; An Iranian journey, uncovering the delights of Persepolis, one of the most important sites of the Ancient World.

Each tour itinerary will include an Abercrombie and Kent expert guide, such as Alfredo Mormontoy, Machu Pichu’s resident archaeologist, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, zoologist and founder of Save The Elephants‚ David Sedat, top archaeologist at the fascinating Maya site of Copan in Honduras.

Abercrombie and Kent‘s objective with these group tours is to break down barriers, change perceptions and highlight the kind and gentle people of these fascinating and culturally diverse destinations. Each trip is also designed to showcase the highlights of a country with an adventurous and informative itinerary offering excellent value for money.

The group trips will also cater for families, illustrating how travel, culture, history and learning can be combined into an inspiring experience for all age groups. For example in Egypt, with a guide trained to engage with children, they will learn about hieroglyphs, go on a treasure hunt in the local bazaar and look behind the scenes of how the mummification process works.

Photo of Machu Picchu by szeke: www.flickr.com/photos/pedrosz/2115782565


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