Abercrombie & Kent’s 9-Day Literary Tour in England

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Abercrombie & Kent's Nine-Day Bronte Country Exploration

Do you want to travel through time and visit nineteenth-century England without necessarily leaving the twenty-first century behind? You’re in luck, because Charlotte Bronté‘s visualization of nineteenth-century England in her world-renowned masterpiece, “Jane Eyre”, has now come back to life thanks to Abercrombie & Kent’s Jane Eyre and Bronte Country Tour.

If you fell in love with the novels of the Bronte sisters and you want to see the sights and sounds of Bronte Country so that you can discover how people from a hundred years ago when about their daily lives, then Abercrombie and Kent‘s latest luxury tour is the perfect vacation opportunity for you to do just that!

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More to the point, did you know that 2011 film version of the ever-famous “Jane Eyre” was actually shot at this very destination? No wonder, because it epitomizes everything that was good and amazing about that time period; it’s a lot more than just horse-drawn carriages, romantic complications, old-style homes, curious social norms, and some such. The whole ambiance of this wonderful Yorkshire place is awe-inspiring and evocative in the sense that you’d feel nostalgic for the Edwardian way of life even though you’ve never even been there before! Abercrombie & Kent‘s personalized driver-guide exploration of Bronte Country for nine days straight is a worthwhile promo for vacationers who want something a bit different from the usual beach, ski lodge, or safari vacations.

For one thing, this is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind promo for a similarly unique place. For another, this vacation package will allow to explore the market town of William Shakespeare known as Stratford-upon-Avon. What’s more, the country also features gorgeous country houses such as Norton Conyers (a fourteenth-century house that serves as the inspiration for Jane Eyre’s Thornfield Hall), an exhibition on Edwardian life, Ponden Hall near Haworth (Wuthering Height’s Thrushcross Grange) Parsonage and Haworth (the places where the Bronte Sisters grew up), and Brimham Rocks (which serves as the setting for Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights).

Even if you aren’t a literary fan or just a fan in general of Bronte’s work, you can certainly still appreciate the magnificence and historical gravitas of the place. Bronte Country, which is straddled between the East Lancashire and West Yorshire Pennines of Northern England, is a land of period-piece adventure that has stood the test of time and continues to embody its famous past quite well, especially with its Millstone Grit and scenery filled with seclusion and austerity you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a place with its own unique character and charm. The heather-laced fields and wild, windswept moors of Yorkshire provide a sense of adventure, a hint of romance, and a feeling of grandeur that you won’t want to miss!


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