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Valdez Heli Ski Alaska Luxury TourOctober means winter has already arrived to the Chugach Mountains of South Central Alaska. Local helicopter and snowcat skiing firm Valdez Heli-Camps (VHC) has recently announced new options for admission to the world-famous steeps of Valdez, Alaska for skiers and snowboarders looking to enter the elite league of steep mountain free riding.

Valdez, Alaska, world-renowned for the hair-raising descents first seen in World Extreme Skiing Competition, has become a right-of-passage for big mountain ski professionals and a Mecca for industry-leading ski filmmakers alike. VHC owner Matt White commented, “With the rising cost of fuel we have seen a steady increase in all of our costs in our remote area of Alaska, pushing heli-skiing further away from just the aspiring athletes that we love to guide through this amazing terrain. The staff and I put our heads together to find a way to assist those riders like ourselves not so many years ago, that have more time to dedicate to their sport than money.”

With that White announced a new program just for those most avid students of the big mountains with limited pocket books. Those formerly spurned by the high price of the sport, with costs now topping nearly $1000 per day at most operations throughout North America, now have opportunities with Valdez Heli-Camps. The new Valdez Vertical Punch Card Program is designed specifically with the aspiring athlete in mind. White said, “This program will allow big mountain free riding athletes to train and base in Valdez and take advantage of the optimal on-mountain conditions as they become available to them.” White went on to say, “We want to do everything we can to foster the up-and-coming athletes in the sport that has given us so much over the years. We have several visiting pros and organized clinics scheduled for the 2007 season with big mountain skiing legends Dan Egan and Gordy Peifer hosting their own programs with us during March and April.”

Founded by Matt White, Valdez Heli-Camps has provided adventure skiing and snowboarding packages by helicopter and snowcat in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains since 1995.

Valdez Heli-Camps is Alaska’s premier all-inclusive helicopter and snowcat operator. VHC offers multi-day heli-skiing with snowcat alternative ski and snowboard adventures as well as backcountry ski touring experiences, private helicopter charter, and special heli-ski vertical punch cards. Mainly catering to a high caliber of skier/rider, VHC can tailor ski days throughout its vast Alaskan ski terrain (over 650 square miles) to suit the desires of almost any compatible group of heli-skiers or snowboarders. Whether by helicopter, snowcat, or touring from one of its specially designed huts, Valdez Heli-Camps’ guides will lead groups through the awe-inspiring terrain that has given the Chugach Mountain Range its well-deserved reputation as the premier big mountain heli-skiing destination in the world.


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