Asia Transpacific Journeys Announces Pacific Travel Trends 2011

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Asia Transpacific Journeys Announces Luxury Travel Trends 2011

As 2010 comes to a close, Asia luxury tour operator Asia Transpacific Journeys has announced its insider forecasts for travel in the area for the new year. The Asia Transpacific Journey shares insights on new ways to travel and its picks for the up-and-coming destinations and surefire favorites for 2011.

1. Sri Lanka is Hot — Priceless cultural treasures dating from 1,000 years ago, seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, fabulous off-shore islands, superb cuisine and world-class architecture reflected in their hotels have earned Sri Lanka a lot of buzz lately. According to PATA, arrivals have increased 36% over last year, the highest growth in the Asia/Pacific Region, a strong pointer to the increased interest in travel to Sri Lanka. Travelers can explore some of the world’s oldest nature preserves teeming with wildlife, visit an elephant orphanage, or hike up the island’s holy mountain, Adam’s Peak at 7,359 ft.

2. Travelers Want Authenticity – Festivals and holidays provide authentic and eye-opening ways of experiencing a culture. Asia Transpacific Journeys suggests a local summer festival in the northern Himalaya, where the nomads near Nubra Valley celebrate the birthday of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. Or the Tumbuna Sing-Sing in Papua New Guinea typically has very few tourists, but those that get the chance to attend love it.

3. Beyond Angkor Wat – The ruins at Angkor are world famous, but stunning new discoveries continue to be uncovered in Cambodia. Now Asia Transpacific Journeys’ recommends that travelers visit a number of “lost” temples that have only recently been revealed. The Sambor Prei Kuk area—which could pass for an Indiana Jones movie set if it weren’t so completely authentic, takes travelers well beyond popular Angkor Wat and enables them to experience its serene ambience, and an intoxicating sense of mystery and magic.

4. Sabbaticals To Make a Difference – In today’s hectic world, it is easy to forget the important things in life, and sabbatical trips provide an increasingly popular way to re-prioritize, help others and make a difference. Whether it’s visiting the mountain kingdom of Bhutan, which promotes “Gross National Happiness” rather than GDP, or traveling to Northern Laos to take part in a literacy program, or working in a soup kitchen in Delhi, Asia Transpacific Journey can tailor an experience destined to be life-changing.

5. Travelers Want the “Human Touch” – A counter-trend to the rise in online travel bookings, Asia Transpacific Journeys’ luxury tours is a firm believer in the importance of the “human touch” when it comes to personalized travel arrangements. All of the companies’ trips are planned with one of their highly knowledgeable and experienced Asia Travel Specialists that utilize their in-depth knowledge of the destination to tailor the itinerary to the guest’s interests and preferences.

6. Book Lover Trips – With book groups all the rage, Asia Transpacific Journeys has picked up on the new trend of trips based on books. For example, they’ve designed trips to Bhutan based on the book Beyond the Sky and Earth (by Jamie Zeppa) which features Bhutan, The Piano Tuner (by Daniel Mason) based in Burma, The Last Chinese Chef (by Nicole Mones) based in China, or Eat, Pray, Love (by Elizabeth Gilbert) set in India and Bali, all of which provide the perfect background for an exploratory tour.

7. Luxury Resorts in Far Flung Places – While during the day travelers are busy exploring the destination highlights, there’s nothing like returning in the evening for a fine dining experience, spa treatment, luxurious accommodations and local authenticity. New luxury hotels in off-the-beaten-path destinations now allow travelers to escape to the exotic while still enjoying high-end luxury.

8. Vow Renewals on the Upswing – This old favorite is picking up steam again as the baby boomer generation approaches milestone anniversaries (such as 25 or 30 years of marriage). Many of them want to renew their vows in an exotic locale and Marilyn Downing-Staff, the company’s founder and president, cites two examples such as one couple renewing their vows in Hindu tradition in India or another couple who renewed their vows in Buddhist tradition at a monastery in Bhutan.

9. Art as a Defining Theme in Japan – Avant-garde museums and wildly imaginative post-modern art such as the “Superflat” movement has put Tokyo on the map as a world-class art destination and travelers are finding a new way to explore this favorite city. From the National Art Center, where the building itself is a revelation, to the Suntory Museum of Art with its Edo-period masterpieces and the Mori Art Museum showcasing its cutting-edge contemporary works on the frontiers of human creativity and imagination, art lovers will be immersed in a treasure trove.

10. Expeditious Arrival and Departures – With a multitude of international landings, Asia Transpacific Journeys forecasts a demand for meet and greet service, upon initial arrival and departure for certain Asian destinations, which saves time upon arrival and departure. A typical 45-minute wait and bureaucratic hassles are sped through in five minutes with the help of your private, local meet-and-greet contact.

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