Asia Transpacific Journey’s Special Promotional Tours

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Asia Transpacific Journey's Special Promotional Tours

Asia and the Pacific remains one of the most fascinating, mysterious, and beguiling places you’ll ever see. If you want to have a taste of Asian  culture, cuisine, and history, then head on over and book a trip with Asia Transpacific Journeys. As luck would have it, the company is presently offering three new unbelievable luxury tours that deliver vacationers to wonderful places in the Orient that surpass the whimsy of their own imagination! In one Asia Transpacific Journey, guests get to stay at charming, top-class Cambodian hotels such as the 4 Rivers Eco Lodge and the La Residence D’Angkor. Who wouldn’t want to stay at one of twelve luxury-tented villas on the River Tatai that’s only accessible by boat?

The seclusion afforded by these excellent lodges will keep you at peace and away from the problems of the world for the rest of your stay. Asia Transpacific Journey also offers a luxury tour that’s comprised of a special walk through India‘s best national parks where you’ll get to track down the footsteps of Rudyard Kipling and see the magnificent sights he saw when he wrote his world-famous collection of stories, the Jungle Book.

Experience what that beloved author experienced by seeing the very best India has to offer in terms of natural resources and biodiversity. Asia Transpacific Journey also boasts of up-and-coming tours of culturally unique Thailand and naturally beautiful Cambodia as well as exciting odysseys to the remote frontiers of Laos.

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Traveling through Asia and the Pacific is a gift that keeps on giving because of its cornucopia of overflowing delights in terms of sights, sounds, people, places, food, and so forth. The frontier tours of Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos are even conducted by Gordon Marsh, a veritable veteran and peerless cultural interpreter when it comes to tours and the like. By joining the abovementioned tours, you’ll get to meet at the farthest reaches of Southeast Asia hill tribe villagers who to this day practice their traditional way of life as though they were stuck inside a time capsule of sorts for a thousand or so years.

Speaking of time capsules, the Jungle Book Journey of India offers one of the most memorable wildlife-themed tours you’ll ever see. It’s one of those places where you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back through time every time you come across it. It’s filled with luxuries from a bygone era, elegant colonial-era hotels, and animals that have been there for centuries, perhaps even longer. Of course, as a “time traveler”, it’s only par for the course for you to retain the conveniences of your own time while taking a peek into the all-natural wonders that Kipling has immortalized in his written works.


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