Exclusive Private Members Club World Tour: 7 Events, 7 Cities, 7 Days

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Shanghai - Barradoro Entertainment Travel World Tour

The acclaimed private members club Barradoro Entertainment has crafted the ultimate experience for the world’s tastemakers. Taking a page from the undeniable growth in social networking, Barradoro has devised a tour that creates the ultimate networking opportunity, gathering together like-minded individuals on a once-in-a-lifetime worldwide vacation.

The 7-Day World Tour takes you to 7 exclusive events in 7 of the world’s hottest cities. The exclusive private tour takes you on a global getaway from Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Shanghai to Istanbul, Abu Dhabi to New York. You’re escorted by a private jet to ensure to that you arrive to each hotspot in style.

Be seduced by the culture of each city with an up close and personal introduction with the help of the insiders from Barradoro. The tour includes concerts headlined by international superstars, gourmet tastings with help from Michelin-starred chefs and exclusive events that showcase the local culture and traditions of each city. With masquerade balls, private dinners usually reserved for royalty, exciting art shows and more, Barradoro takes you beyond the velvet rope on an international escapade promising style, prestige and a taste of rock ‘n roll.

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7-Day World Tour

Barradoro selected each city for its swagger when it came to designing the ultimate tour for entertainment. Dedicated to providing unprecedented services to discerning clientele, the founders behind the 7 Events, 7 Cities, 7 Days world tour have covered every last detail to ensure that their high-powered guests are treated with the five-star service they expect.

Barradoro‘s ultimate goal is to create a closed network of like-minded individuals that have the same zest for life and seek out unique experiences. Built around a members club, Barradoro hopes to have one hundred members in a worldwide community of stylemakers and jetsetters. The tour is expected to launch this July 2011 and is to be the first of many opportunities for Barradoro members to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.


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