Black Tomato Introduces the New Epic Luxury Tour Offer

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Black Tomato Introduces the New “Epic Tomato” Offer

Black Tomato, an esteemed luxury tour operator, has been known for their passion in providing exclusive luxury vacations and they have recently included a tour in the untouched places of the world in their growing list of vacation program that is dedicated to their foreign customers. Just this March, they have introduced their newest project which they named as “Epic Tomato”. This is an extreme set of escapades that allow the customers to select their preferred experience.

Tour specialists will accompany the explorers as they journey towards the most challenging travel spots around the world. Through the Epic Tomato, people will obtain the sense of being the first to see these undiscovered areas and they will also get the chance to personally experience the unique cultures that are presently unknown to many people.

There are five land types that can be chosen from the Epic Tomato offer and these are: desert, mountain, river, jungle, and polar. The tour package is also designed intricately so as to give a new meaning to “luxury travel” in which totally exceptional experiences are guaranteed.

Different trips are arranged for each of the classes like a tribal hike in Papua New Guinea’s secluded Duke of York islands, a place where shell is still used as money. The untouched spots of Antarctic, jungle training, and sailing through the same path made by Churchill along Uganda’s White Nile via a kayak are also included. Tourists will be given an opportunity to pass through the forests of Borneo, climb the Apolobamba range in Chilean Andes, and discover the Dani tribes of the West Papua.

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The team of specialists that belongs to Epic Tomato will definitely provide an unforgettable tour to the travelers since they have adequate experience when it comes to surviving the wilderness and they also have the right SAS military training. Hence, they are capable of bringing the most out of the secluded areas of the world.

The co-founder, Tom Marchant, stated that the planned trips offer the excitement that may be obtained from the unique travels. This will also supply the new definition for a luxury exploration and share it to the devoted customers of Black Tomato. Furthermore, the travelers will also be able to take advantage of the prospect of being a part of the group that begins the exploration of the isolated points globally.

Those who want to join this one-of-a-kind luxury vacation should know that the price for the Epic Tomato costs between £5,985 and £67,495. A tourist may enjoy this individually or they may also form a small group.


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