Black Tomato Offers Coffee Triangle Tour in Colombia

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Black Tomato Offers Coffee Triangle Tour in Colombia

The majority of luscious coffee worldwide has been found to originate in Colombia and it has been stated that this country will also be one of the newest luxury vacation hot spots for the year 2011. In line with this, the travel agency Black Tomato devised a five-night promo that will help travelers become more familiar with the coffee country, Colombia. This private tour is surely an ideal match with the Cartagena and Bogota explorations.

Tourists will be guided to the rich coffee farms as well as the unexplored regal towns that belong to the Coffee Triangle of Colombia. And, the most important part of this five-night luxury tour is that they will have a relaxing stay at the luxurious boutique hotels of the country.

The journey will begin at Quindio, which is the core of the coffee-producing country. Tourists will be guided into the haciendas and farms that are known for growing coffee. They will be able to directly observe the process of producing coffee beans and have a taste of these products. And by the end of the day, the guests will be taken to Quindio’s boutique hotel called Hacienda Bambusa. This particular place allows fast recuperation of tired bodies through the lodging’s special features like the wonderful view of Andes.

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£2,299 per person

A ride on a conventional Willy jeep and a horse will be the highlight of the following days of journey among the valleys and hills of Colombia and an expert tour guide will accompany the travelers for deeper learning. Travelers will be brought to the peaceful grounds of Cordoba, which is located on top of the mountain range. Quick stops are also allotted for Pijao, the city known for coffee-picking; Filandia, a coffee town located at Valle Cocora; and Buena Vista, an area that is located on a high position, giving a good view of the Andean Mountain range.

The tailor-made holiday will also consist of a tour around Manizales’s valleys and pine forests while riding the well-bred local horses. And, relaxation is ascertained with a deep into the hot springs and a stay at the Hotel Boutique Sazagua.

Exploration of Wax Palm tree-growing place called National Park Los Nevados, dormant volcanoes, mountain ranges, and hot springs are also included in these 5 nights of enjoyable tour. Lastly, the tourists will definitely be amazed with the El Valley de Las Tumbas or the Valley of the Tombs with all the active echoes and noises that can be heard within the area.

People who desire to indulge themselves with the idea of a five-night coffee adventure in Colombia can enjoy Black Tomato’s package for £2,299 per head. This charge will include of plane tickets, transport service, and lodging with breakfasts.


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