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Avail Context Travel’s Limited Offer on Culinary Tour

What comes into your mind when you hear of Paris and London? Yes, you always think of the romantic tours as these are the most adored destination spots for couples. It is actually the most romantic thing of all to walk along the fine-looking parks of London or to dine in the extravagant restaurants in Paris.

In order to share the warmth of this season to the other couples, the offices of Context Travel in London and Paris offers a time-bound promo that can bring partners back to these two romantic cities.

Context Travel’s offer, which is valid only until the end of February, includes a free culinary tour for two with every two personal strolls that will be booked in either London or Paris. This is also available for the private tours that will be reserved within the month of February this year. The goal of the company for this gastronomic walk is to present a beautiful picture of these two cities through the delicious foods offered in these places.

According to Lily Heise, the Director of Context Travel in Paris, a lot of people travel to the cities of Paris and London, one after another, when they choose to explore Europe. This probably happened when Eurostar drew these two romantic destinations nearer. And, for the purpose of bringing the tourists back to these two cities, they have decided to make use of the idea of rediscovering the traditional cookery of London and Paris.

The trip to Paris will revolve mainly on the Chocolate Tour, which will take the couples to the best chocolate makers in the city. Of course, the tourists will be guided by a food journalist or a chef so as to learn more about the Parisian cuisine. On the other hand, the visit in the city of London will include a tour among treasured gastronomic spots at the heart of the city like the popular cheese stores and chocolate shops.

The tour is just one of the gifts to which the customers can indulge in. As a matter of fact, those who will avail this limited promo are also entitled to a bonus romantic surprise.


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