Cazenove+Loyd Offers Private Tour in Honduras & Guatemala

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Cazenove+Loyd Private Tour to the Mayan Ruins of Honduras and Guatemala

Have your own time-traveling odyssey into the lesser-known Mayan sites of Honduras and Guatemala with the help of the Latin American tour operator cazenove+loyd. To be true, the travel firm has created a new driving journey quite unique to those offered by its competitors.

For one thing, it provides Mayan culture enthusiasts and tourists who are looking for a good time to drive from the South Eastern part of Guatemala crossing the border into Honduras while espying and experiencing the historical gravitas of the globe’s most widely acclaimed Mayan ruins. These hard-to-access and restricted structures instill a sense of seclusion, wonder, and discovery among those who ever lays their eyes on these untouched national treasures.

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12-Night Mayan Ruin Tour from £4999/person

This cazenove+loyd tour commences in the ex-Guatemalan capital of Antigua (which serves as one of the greatest remaining models of a genuine Spanish colonial town within the Americas). Once you get there, you’ll be treated with an informative guided tour of the place that’s concentrated on the topic of Mayan folk art and textiles. Afterwards, you and your comrades will be treated with a five-hour drive on a 4X4 over rocky roads in order to get to Copan, which is just beyond the border that crosses into Honduras. Copan is a must-visit place because it’s one of the most well-preserved Mayan ruins around and its private and isolated location offers a sneak peak into ancient times that has been virtually untouched for many centuries’ past.

What’s more, the great city was called the Mayan World‘s Paris for a reason. To be true, it’s a central hub of Mayan art, elegance, and culture, as evidenced by its hieroglyphics (which includes the Rosalila Temple’s hieroglyphic staircase) and its intricate carvings. Historians and tourists alike will most certainly marvel at the timeless beauty of this city lost to time. Guests can also stay at the century-old family-run hacienda known as Hacienda San Lucas, which offers panoramic views of the Copan ruins as well as the opportunity to eat dinner with an expect, local ornithologist as well.

Just beyond the peaceful river are the archeological hotspots of Bonampak, Yaxchilan, and Palenque (which is arguably the most ambiance-filled Mayan heritage site of them all). Excavation and restoration efforts have made Palenque one of the must-see Mayan sites out there in both historical and tourism contexts; in particular, its vast collection of carvings, sculpture, and Mayan architecture continues to capture the imagination of travelers and vacationers the world over.

In any case, the twelve-night trip to the major Mayan sites in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala costs about $4999 per person and includes domestic flights, private guides, private transfers, and accommodations on all destinations.


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