Special Walking Tour “Mobility Program” by Context Travel

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Mobility Program Presented by Context Travel

Context Travel has just launched a new  “Mobility Program” in an effort to best serve all of its clients on its educational walking tours.  The newest promo from Context Travel is a mixture of different kinds of tours that can be tailored according to one’s preference and this also includes other support benefits. Various specialists as well as previous customers who are affected with mobility problems were asked for some advice when crafting this exclusive program.

Context Travel has always been there to offer exceptional tours to vacationers who appreciate enlightening travels. But then, there are certain limitations like the features of certain destination spots thus hindering the physically-disabled individuals from experiencing an enjoyable trip. And, for this purpose did Context pattern the formulation of their Mobility Program.

This well-known luxury tour operator has been able to become a leader in providing attainable luxury tours through their new program. This is the first among all other tour operators that has been able to establish a type of program wherein disabled tourists can modify their tour route.

The Mobility Program is comprised of different benefits and one of which is that the physically-challenged tourists will be guided by a group of docents who are very much knowledgeable when it comes to assisting clients towards the most suitable routes. In addition, pre and post-booking assistance is also provided for the purpose of giving the clients the freedom to change their tour route based on their liking.

Furthermore, the clients will be provided with a list of routes that are planned according to their mobility needs. Different aspects were taken into account when creating this plan such as the walking distance, mobility-friendliness of the destination spots, surfaces where clients will walk on, restaurants, and the proximity of bathrooms. Lastly, an array of data regarding mobility is also supplied and these include the availability of transport services and taxis, wheelchair rental, and the ease of access on certain travel resources.


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