Context Travel Offers New York Cocktail Tour

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Context Travel Offers New York Cocktail Tour

Context Travel produced a new exciting private tour that will teach the travelers about the history of cocktail and the history of New York City. Explore New York‘s iconic metropolitan bars, the reappearance of the traditional cocktails, and loads of useful alcoholic ingredients so you can take a piece of the Big Apple home with you.

The luxury tour operator decided to showcase New York‘s history intertwined with the cocktail, offering a tour with quick stops in some of the significant attractions and bars in the area. Most importantly, the guests will be accompanied by tour specialists as representatives of the company.

A sociologist, who knows so much about the history of bar culture in New York City, will take part in this educational tour. Furthermore, this tour guide can also help the tourists in discovering the spirits and wine as a well-informed critic in this field.

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New York City Cocktail Tour
$65 per person

There are different things to look forward to in Context’s informative “walking seminar”. Some of which are the discovery of Manhattan’s history from before prohibition until the present times. This will be done by looking into the leading gastronomic contributions in the country of America.

Tourists will find out more about the “Birth of the Cocktail” through this colorful New York history tour around the Midtown Manhattan and the southern area of the Flatiron District. The guides will help the travelers in delving deeper into the bigger themes that molded the drinking history of the United States. Moreover, this exploration will also include of learning the legends as well as the historical analysis of the cocktail.


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