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Discover Your Italy Private Tours - Euroflora 2011 luxury tours

Discover Your Italy offers specialized, completely tailor-made tours catering to foreigners interested in visiting Italy. Whether it’s your family vacation or a corporate event, Discover Your Italy is dedicated to offering knowledge-based holidays planned and guided by local experts.

You can take the reigns with planning your trip, and the locally-based team behind Discover Your Italy is happy to create exactly what you’re interested in doing, and even exceeding your expectations. Throughout your journey you can have free time to do what you want outside of the planned itinerary, ensuring that not only can you tailor an trip around Italy, you can also have personal time to do things on your own in some of the country’s hotspots.

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April 26-May 5

Currently, Discover Your Italy offers not only independent, private tours tailored to small groups and families, but they also cater to special interest groups. You can also enjoy private cooking classes, sightseeing, cultural activities and more.

For Spring 2011, Discover Your Italy has planned a special private tour of the Spring 2011 Euroflora in Genoa, a 2-week holiday at the international flower show as well as sightseeing through Italy’s finest gardens. Showcasing the world’s gardening and florist finest designs, this special tour is perfect for the gardener or flower lover interested in a unique luxury vacation in Italy.

The Euroflora 2011 tours run from April 26-May 5 in Genoa and in the surrounding tours, including Monte-Carlo, Portofino, Milan and the Italian lakes district like Lake Maggiore. Rates start at €2295.

Discover Your Italy is pleased to customize their luxury tours to professional groups and additional special interests, including chefs, foodies and more.


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