Definite Journey Celebrates Success at Singapore Exhibition

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Definite Journey at Singapore ITB Asia exhibition

The top Vietnam tour operator Definite Journey – which launched its range of luxury travel products earlier this year – has established itself as a formidable presence on the high-end tourism market. Just last week, Singapore welcomed Definite Journey in the ITB Asia Travel Expo, further cementing its successful debut. The tour operator is dedicated to improving the reputation of the Vietnamese travel industry in the international market.

According to company founder Minnie Wentworth – a petite local entrepreneur with global ambitions – the luxury tourism sector in Vietnam is facing its greatest boom since the advent of Doi Moi economic reforms. “Vietnamese five-star hotels and resorts are now absolutely of international standard,” says Wentworth. “Vietnam has an increasing number of properties that compare favorably with similar resorts in traditional Southeast Asian tourist centers such as Thailand and Bali. It’s now our responsibility as a proud Vietnamese company to let the rest of the world know about what we have here in this country.”

Director of Sales & Marketing John M. John, one of several foreign staff attracted to the firm by its policy of actively promoting Vietnam as a luxury destination, is eager to admit his commitment to the region.

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Previously a lecturer to the tourism administration in the Maldives, John sees Vietnam as the next key destination in Asia. “Vietnam is no longer just a backpacker’s paradise,” says Mr. John. “More and more foreign visitors are coming to realize that Vietnam is not only a beautifully scenic and culturally fascinating place to visit, but that it is also home to first-class tourism and accommodation services.”

Anticipating major growth in the industry, Definite Journey has launched a range of unique products that represent new directions in the Vietnamese travel market. With the co-operation of the NFSC and the exclusive international business organization The Luxury Network – of which Definite Journey is a participating member – the company has begun work to promote transfers within Vietnam by helicopter and private jet, as well as encouraging wealthy foreign travelers who wish to arrive in Vietnam on chartered services.

In addition, Definite Journey has launched a series of themed products to attract special-interest guests to the country, including wine tours, golf tours, spa and meditation journeys, and special guided tour services for international delegates and investors. Further specialized products are expected to be unveiled in the coming months.

Vietnam is also an emerging hotspot for corporate events, which has led Definite Journey to focus much of its marketing focus on business consumers in the high-end category. Promoting traditional MICE functions – as well as more innovative products such as MICE events held on cruise vessels – has helped improve international awareness of the possibilities for successful commercial events to be held in this country.
Definite Journey’s efforts at the Singapore ITB Asia exhibition last week focused on communicating the beauty of Vietnam while emphasizing the VIP services available for international guests. Foreign industry partners were reportedly impressed by the unexpectedly high standards of the products showcased in Definite Journey‘s promotional material. “Many foreign agents are looking for a new destination to fill the gap left in the Southeast Asian tourism market since political trouble in Thailand affected the industry there,” said one buyer. “Vietnam represents great possibilities for future business.”

Definite Journey will again be putting Vietnam on display in England at the World Travel Mart in London from the 8th – 11th November 2011 in London.

Definite Journey was established in 2010 to create a fresh concept in the high-end travel industry by bringing a new definition to the word luxury.  The truly unique country of Vietnam is an inspiring canvas for discerning travellers, and Definite Journey‘s private tour packages give an intimate window into a nation that is just as elegant as it is full of life. Definite Journey is an emerging name in the luxury travel industry in Vietnam, bringing a wealth of experience to a sharply focused and high-class travel product.


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