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Dinner in the Sky Events 2010 Gastronomy Experiences

Events in the Sky in 2010 has released its recent ultimate experience – the Dinner in the Sky events from Monaco to Vegas has exploded in the ultimate dining experience in the world’s hotspots.

Dinner in the Sky recently headed to Rio de Janeiro for a private corporate event among the stars. The corporate event soared over Rio‘s waterfront for the ultimate party with champagne and a specially prepared gourmet feast by a Michelin chef.

In Monaco, Dinner in the Sky flew over the iconic yachts in the Monte-Carlo harbor for a sunset dinner with style. Dinner in the Sky offers a “creative concept blending what happens on the table, the chosen location and the interaction between the setting and the table or other platforms.” With a private chef and two assistants catering to up to 22 guests, the sky’s the limit with these one-of-a-kind ultimate experiences for events and incentives.

The Dinners in the Sky Michelin-starred chefs prepare your extraordinary gastronomy experience 50 meters in the air above some of the world’s hottest cities – including Beirut, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Paris.


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