Discover Italy through Euroflora 2011 Tour

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Discover Italy through Euroflora 2011 Tours

Italy by itself is a place of romance, culture, and wonder. On that note, Euroflora is a private tour best suited to showcase the best that Italy has to offer in a short amount of time. If you really want to discover the best that Italy has to offer as a vacation destination, then attending Euroflora is your best bet. After five lengthy years of waiting, travelers from all over the globe can now look forward to seeing Euroflora in 2011!

It’s a tradeshow extravaganza that features all sorts of floral and flora exhibits that all plants and flower enthusiasts would surely adore. Euroflora 2011 is a must-see event that you shouldn’t miss because it lets you see a side of Italy you never realized before as well as offer you an intimate look into the blossoming world of flowers and plants.

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April 21-May 1

It’s an Italy-based trade show you won’t soon forget, so you must grab this golden opportunity post-haste. Discover Your Italy has developed tours specifically catered to pleasing tourists and showing off Italy as the romantic city it truly is. If you want to have a dream vacation par excellence, then book Discover Your Italy’s Euroflora 2011 tours right now. Doing so will let you visit the breathtaking hotspots of the Lake Maggiore Isalnds, Monaco Gardens, Italian Riviera Botanical Islands, and many more Italian and English Gardens all over the world.

Also, if you’re able to gather twelve travelers who are going together on the very same Euroflora 2011 tour, there’s a chance for all of you to get to travel for free as well! There’s a good reason why Euroflora is regarded as the most popular flower show among its leagues of followers. There are many sights and avant-garde exhibits to see in Euroflora 2011. This “Garden of the World” of sorts offers plants and flowers from all over the globe, so it’s like seeing the Garden of Eden reborn, in a sense.

Furthermore, this tenth installment of flower show pageantry is being held at Fiera di Genova (Genoa-Italy)—which takes place from Thursday to Sunday, April 21 to May 1—pledges to deliver a world-class show that rivals the ever-famous Rose Parade in grandeur and classiness. This international floralies that’s celebrated every half decade is a member of the AIF (Association of International Floralies) and backed by the AIPH (Association Internationale des Producteurs Horticoles). The extraordinary effort that the exhibitors exert needs to be seen in order to be believed. There are also exhibit and technical prizes to be won, so the tour is a lot more than just a parade of sorts. It’s no wonder that the Euroflora is still going strong after all these years!


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