Elemental Adventure Yacht-Based Heliskiing

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Elemental Adventure Heli Ski - Boat-Based Heliskiing

Get the ultimate heli ski adventure with a yacht-based heliskiing vacation tailored just to your specifications. Combine a luxury yacht charter with heli-ski trips up to the world’s highest peaks and explore the truly unexplored.

You can choose from a variety of yachts and luxurious accommodations around the world depending on where you want to go – whether it’s Alaska or British Columbia, or head over to Greenland and Iceland if you want! Your choice!

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Elemental Adevntures offers fully-crewed yachts equipped to the highest standards with a full staff including catering. One of the advantages of boat-based heli skiing is that you always have the capacity to move and take your accommodations with you. From the protected inland waterways of Alaska and British Columbia to the rugged beauty of Greenland and Iceland the possibilities for exploration-style heli skiing are limitless.


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