Enjoy a Balloon Ride with Abercrombie and Kent

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Enjoy a Balloon Ride with A&K

As of the present Abercrombie & Kent is once again offering a hot air balloon ride and through this will the guests have a good view of the Cotswolds. A&K began launching their newest hot air balloons on June 10, 2011 at the Pittvill Park, which is part of Cheltenham’s Regency spa town. And, they made it clear that their hot air balloons would be especially available for the clients of Abercrombie & Kent.

The hot air balloon will be flying over the most beautiful places such as Barnsley House’s lush gardens. Furthermore, guests will be able to see the magnificent views of Cotswolds. In addition, the magnificent scenery of the serene English countryside will also be viewed by the A&K clients.

The guests will also be able to see for themselves the greenest lands as well as the old-fashioned villages of the country. Through this will the tourists be able to appreciate the calmness and beauty of the entire place.

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In line with this, Abercrombie & Kent planned a tour as a celebration for the successful launching of the new hot air balloons. This tour is known as the Cotswold itinerary and this revolves around the flights above the most beautiful attractions in Cotswold and guests will also be able to have a land tour around the most charming gardens and English villages in the town.

Barnsley House, which is a wonderful stone house in Cotswold that was established in the year 1697 worked together with A&K in order to make one of the best offers for the clients. The house will be offering a price off in which the guests will only have to pay for 3 nights if they were to stay for 4 nights. This will be available before December 23, 2011 as part of the A&K’s Aerial View of the Cotswolds.


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