Sir Richard Branson Unveils Virgin Galactic Space Travel

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Virgin Galactic Space Travel

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Sir Richard Branson unveiled the latest entreprenurial venture for Virgin: Virgin Galactic Space Travel. Virgin Galactic, a division of Virgin Atlantic Airways, will offer space toursim aboard the Virgin Enterprise, named after the famed Star Trek vessel. At the California unveiling, Branson announced that it was the “start of commercial space travel,” where “you become the astronaut.”

The first space tourism flights are set to launch in 2011, and already Richard Branson is booking requests. Passengers can enjoy a 2.5 hour flight at $200,000 each. Six voyagers and two pilots will venture into outer space, with the ability to see Earth from the stars and experience weightlessness.

The Enterprise (also known as SpaceShipTwo), will be carried by VMS Eve, the adjoined mothership aptly named after Branson’s mother. The journey begins with the two spacecrafts soaring eleven miles into the air (over 50,000 ft.) and then the Enterprise will release and, propelled by its own hybrid rocket, will travel another 70 miles into the air at over 2,500 mph – faster than a fighter jet.

Sir Richard Branson has announced that he will be among the first passengers on the first Virgin Galactic Space Travel flights. He will be joined by his son and daughter in The Enterprise, meanwhile his mother will fly along in the mothership.

Although until now, only around 450 passengers have ever traveled into space, Branson’s latest Virgin Galactic project could literally skyrocket those numbers into the thousands. So far, over 300 people have paid their full ticket to book their space travel experience.

Travel experts also hope the technology breakthroughs associated with the ambitious space travel project could revolutionize the future of travel. By going into orbit, it’s been reported that ordinarily long-term flights cut their duration drastically.

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