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Events in the Sky is a luxury travel company providing ultimate experiences that are out of this world, or at least above it. From exquisite dinners made by Michelin-starred chefs to private wedding ceremonies, this extraordinary events company promises exclusive, ultra-luxury service customized to each client’s needs. Oh, and each event takes place 50 meters in the air.

Events in the Sky’s innovative service collection includes Dinner in the Sky, Meeting in the Sky, Marriage in the Sky and Showbizz in the Sky. Each of these unforgettable experiences is made possible through incredible technology, painstaking attention to safety and the desire to literally reach for the stars and expand the possibilities of our wildest dreams.

Dinners in the Sky is a “creative concept blending what happens on the table, the chosen location and the interaction between the setting and the table or other platforms.” With a private chef and two assistants catering to up to 22 guests, Dinners in the Sky is available around the world in some of the most breathtaking destinations: cocktails over Notre Dame Cathedral, dining over Niagara Falls… the sky is literally the limit. Dinner in the Sky is available in sixteen countries and invites all adventurers looking for a truly unique dining experience.

Meeting in the Sky is a new addition to this collection of ultimate experiences. Companies and private individuals have the opportunity to organize presentations, conferences, concerts or a meeting for up to 30 guests high in the sky.

Marriage in the Sky offers couples the opportunity to get married just as they would traditionally, but transferring the witnesses, guests, musicians and officiant to a space 50 meters in the air. Why get married IN the church when you can get married above it?

Imagine a meeting overlooking the Barcelona sky line, a piano concert over Paris or dinner above Dubai. My only advice is … don’t look down!

For more information on this ultimate creative experience, please see the Events in the Sky profile. Photos courtesy of Events in the Sky.


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