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Experience New Adventures in Kangaroo Island care of Southern Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge is proud to present its new line of lodge and property offerings. Guests will be treated with memorable experiences and unforgettable pursuits in Kangaroo Island care of the company’s luxury wilderness tours and comfortable accommodations.

As a private tour operator and luxury lodge, the Southern Ocean Lodge is considered one of the best and finest accommodations in Australia. As a continuation of its ongoing legacy of excellence, it has recently released a remarkable range of modified entertainment packages and activities that were developed to provide guests with a refreshing new look at the South Australia‘s premier tourist hotspot, Kangaroo Island.

What’s more, these new activities have been tailored to satisfy the personal interests of people from all walks of life, which should translate to increase profits that can be used to further raise the bar of Southern Ocean Lodge’s recreational pursuits and endeavors in the future. You’d be hard-pressed to find a vacation company as dedicated, as luxurious and as complete as Southern Ocean Lodge.

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Options include the three-night Kangaroo Island classic package; private tours concentrated on food, history, landscapes, or wildlife; guided adventure hikes that last for half a day and is perfect for nature lovers and photographers alike; special interest tours for wildlife, food, and art enthusiasts; and bespoke adventure experiences such as beach fishing, seas kayaking, and quad biking.

The Bespoke Adventure Experience offers land sports and expeditions galore. For example, it allows you to have quad bike safaris throughout the Hanson bay Sanctuary and the surrounding Kangaroo Island wilderness while enjoying the “in-helmet” running commentary of an experienced wildlife guide.

Meanwhile, the Kayak Adventure is renowned for its nature explorations wherein you can witness the sheer biodiversity of the South West River for yourself. Beach Fishing is also a popular activity because you can have a chef cook up your catch later on, while the Nocturnal Tours allows you to discover the kind of “nightlife” that possums, wallabies, kangaroos, and koalas have at the Hanson Bay Sanctuary.

As for Southern Ocean Lodge‘s Special Interest Tours, there’s the Epicurean Adventure that’s all about drinks and beverages, so you’ll be visiting “KI Pure” Milk Dairy, Island Beehive, and all the local Kangaroo Island wineries. Additionally, the Marine Tour provides guests with the opportunity to see whales, dolphins, seals, and sea birds via an excursion to the limestone coastline. Meanwhile, Family Fun provides you a whole afternoon of sand boarding Little Sahara’s dune slopes or kite flying the azure skies. Then there’s the Art Lovers Experience that’s quite self-explanatory; you’ll get to view the unique works of local artists in expansive galleries and museums. Finally, the Birds of Prey Tour offers birdwatchers and aviary enthusiasts to personally encounter kookaburras, owls, and wedge-tailed eagles.


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