Thailand’s New Secret Restaurant from Experience Premchit

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Discover the New Restaurant Model from Premchit

Na Thalang is about to have its grand opening dinner and tourists are invited in this once-in-a-lifetime event. By taking part in this feast, the guests will have the opportunity to have a taste of the traditional Siamese cuisine.

Phuket, which is previously known as Chalang or Thalang, had been a place of delicious food since the spices and herbs are not only gathered locally as some are actually received from the English dealers. And for 200 years, the British East India Company had been a steady trading partner of this particular company as well.

The southern Siamese gastronomy has been found to be a combination of different Indian and Chinese components. This also includes of the unique flavors and aromas from the region of Andaman and examples of these are the mui (lime berry), ragum (salak palm), thong lang (tiger’s claw), luk-nieng (jengkol), luk-rieng, and many others. Moreover, the seafood coming from the coast of Andaman such as fish, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters make the dishes truly delicious.

To pay respects to the ancestor, the owner came up with this particular kind of Siamese cuisine restaurant. In this restaurant, secret types of lunches and dinners will be served for a certain number of customers only. And, these individuals will be dining at unspecified spots on given schedules.

All the foods that will be presented are based on the recipes of the olden times. Of course, the ingredients that will be utilized in making these foods are all fresh and natural as these will come from the coasts, rainforests, and farms in Phuket and Phang-Nga.

The opening dinner of Na Thalang will be held on June 18, 2011, a Saturday, in the city of Bangkok close to the Lo BTS Station. In this dinner, a nine-course meal of traditional Siamese gastronomy will be served. Moreover, seafood like fish and crustaceans will be presented and these are not seen as fitting for people on a vegetable diet. And, as many as 16 guests can share a table during this spectacular event.

The guests may also enjoy the delicious wine through the wine journey offered by Na Thalang. Nine half glasses of wine may be taken advantage of by the people for B800 per individual only. There are other choices as well such as: half-glass will cost B95, a glass-full is B190, and a bottle is worth B1,200.


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