Luxury Tour Operator Black Tomato Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Top Tours

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Experience Three Types of Valentines with Black Tomato

Norway has always been the destination of choice when it comes to high-quality winter adventures. Now that February is coming and love is in the air, there are those who’d probably want to spend their Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner and some intimate time at the nearest luxury hotel.

However, for those who want something more for this special time of the year, perhaps they should give Norway a chance in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day in more ways than one—three ways, to be exact! Ditch that bouquet and forget that dinner reservation on the same restaurant you and your loved one went to last year; it’s about time you tried bout Black Tomato‘s alternative Valentine destination in order to really make your beloved swoon and beam in barely contained delight.

In any case, the first type of Valentines you can try out is £1,990-per-person-for-five-nights stay at Norway‘s Basecamp Spitsbergen, which is accommodations made of slate, sealskin, and driftwood. By doing so, you’ll have easy access to the Arctic Circle—particularly Norway‘s world-renowned ice caverns—so that you can have a romantic dog-sledding tour down there. One other way for you to melt the heart of your beloved is to spend a secluded night under animal furs while riding the Ice Ship across the waters of Tempelfjorden. The breathtaking panoramas of this premium-grade destination will make your knees weak and your heart soar in more ways than one.

You also have the option to snuggle up against each other while enjoying a romantic moonlit dinner in Iceland courtesy of Reyjavik‘s Hotel Borg. The package includes day diving, transfers, accommodation with breakfast, and flights. You’ll get to enjoy wonderful sights like the Northern Lights, relax at your very own Jacuzzi set on the side of a fjord, and eat the finest sashimi you’ll ever taste as well. Black Tomato can set you up for a three-night stay for £1,299 per person. You can also dive in crystal clear waters flanked on either side by two whole continents as well. As you can plainly see, grandeur is Hotel Borg’s main claim to fame.

If you want a sunnier valentine, then that can be easily arranged too; instead of doing the expected by visiting Tel Aviv or Paris for your Valentine’s Day celebration, how about doing the unexpected and acquire a hotter romantic holiday you won’t soon forget?

Come over and book a stay at the luxury boutique hotel known as Hotel Montelfiore in order to enjoy delicious breakfasts, convenient transfers, quick-and-easy flights, seafront dinners, nightspot parties, boho Yemenite quarter visits, ruin exploration, beach strolling, sunset viewing, and so on for just £1,299 per person.


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