Explore the Andalucía Cuisine through Epicurean Luxury Tour

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Explore the Andalucía Cuisine through the Epicurean Luxury Tour

The region of Andalucía is termed by many other countries as “the true Spain” since this has been the home of different flavors, which were accumulated from hundreds of years that were spent by generations of Jewish, Islam, and Christian individuals in living peacefully together.

The gastronomy of Andalucía consists of the long-established recipes and tapas which are made using the freshest ingredients from the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the flourishing fields in the southern lands.

If you are truly curious about what Andalucía has to offer then make your reservation now for a maximum of 12 persons in the Epicurean Andalucía Luxury Cuisine Tour, which will start on the 9th and end on the 14th of May, 2011. Through this expedition, you will be able to witness for yourself how the seas and agriculture became a part of southern Spain’s daily life. Furthermore, you will also be able to learn about “la vida tapa” (or the lifestyle that revolves around food and companionship), which are the words of Spanish chef Ferrán Adrià.

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May 9-14, 2011

The six-day Epicurean Andalucía Luxury Cuisine Tour will not only be enjoyable as it will also serve as a learning ground for tourists. It has been considered as such since the tourists will be accompanied by Diana Bauman, a well-known food expert and writer in Spain. It is, then, guaranteed that the traveler will gain important information regarding Andalucía’s popular wines and foods.

There are a lot of things that can be learned and one of which is the traditional cuisine of Andalucía. The tourists will also become knowledgeable with regards to the usual dishes and ingredients that are served in this region such as gazpacho, tortilla española, salmorejo, salt cod, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, seafood, wild game, and pork.

Andalucía is popular for its thriving agriculture and this is can be observed mainly in local markets where the products of the region are being sold. And, as of the moment, the popular goods in this place are meats, grapes, vegetables, and olives.

For the purpose of educating the visitors about this subject, it has been decided that a part of the Andalusian tour is a quick stop on each of the manufacturers of cheese, wine, Iberian ham, and olive oil. Aside from the enlightening explorations, the people will also be introduced to private cooking courses, Spanish wine tasting, market visits, Sevillan tapas bars, Sherry cellars, and Andalusian lunches.


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