Make History on Extreme Adventure in the Arctic: Above & Below

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Above and Beyond - Arctic Extreme Adventures 2011

There’s a new buzz in the luxury travel industry – seeking out the ultimate adventure seeker – this April 12-26, 2011, embark on a seriously thrilling mission to be the first ever team of arctic adventurers to both skydive onto the North Pole and also make a circumnavigational dive under the moving ice in the same expedition.

The extreme adventure “Above & Below” team seeks to create a greater awareness, through adventure, of past and present Arctic climate development and change, without any scientific or political connections. They will also connect with educational facilities around the world who will follow the team and they hope to  inspire others and challenge each other, within the bounds of safety. The Extreme Adventure will also film the journey for international broadcast and the entire trip will raise funds for the charity Combat Stress.

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To participate in the “Above and Below” program, participants must arrive in Kirkenes with a PADI basic diving certificate. All ice dive training and further PADI certification will be undertaken at the Dive Resort by Lars Petter and Anton. The team will stay there during the training in the Resorts accommodation, eat well and catch king crab too.

There is no requirement for training for the tandem skydive but you must be in possession of a current medical certificate stating that you are fit to skydive.

When the ice dive training is complete, fly to Longbardyen, Spitzbergen and consolidate all equipment and logistics, and pick up the next flight by twin engine Antonov AN-74 aircraft to Ice Station Borneo, 89º North, 100km south of the Geographic North Pole.

The team’s supplies and equipment will need to be repacked onto the MI-17 helicopter before moving forward on the sea ice and leats to locate the Pole. On arrival, load and help put up the tents and shelters. Once secure on the ice and the surroundings, the parachute programme begins along with preparations for the circumnavigational ice dive.

You will have two nights and three days to complete the extreme adventure aim at “this place that is not a place.” Once the programme is complete, repack equipment and remaining stores and fly by MI-17 to Ice Station Borneo before returning to Longybarden and flying home.


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