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Feel the need for speed in this ultimate jet experience. The Top Gun Fighter Jet Ride is the most exhiliarating jet experience out there. The Fighter Jet Ride is available in Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Delaware and California, with three available options.

Millionaire’s Concierge offers three ultimate fighter jet flight options for the high adrenaline junkies. The first jet option includes training flights, a seaside dinner on a private island and your choice of a 30 min., 45 min. or 1 hour flight. The program consists of a 30 Minute pre-briefing with instruction provided by an ATP, Type Rated in L-39, Authorized Instructor in L-39, Aerobatic Instructor, Airshow Performer, CFIA, CFII, ASEL, ASES, MEI, AGI, and IGI.

Flight Experience Option 2 is a full travel experience from start to finish and available in South Florida and Miami. Guests have limousine pickup in South Florida & Transfer to Jet Helicopter. You can fly at 200 feet south over Crystal Blue Ocean & Inland Waterways over celebrity mansions; land in Key Largo for Ocean Side Lunch; resume helicopter flight south landing next to the fighter jet. Then the real speed begins.

Climb Aboard L-39 Russian Fighter Jet and speed at over 500mph and do the iconic Top Gun manuevers like dives, rolls, 4 Gs for your 30-minute flight. Afterwards, a seaplane takes you to a private island for tropical cocktail drinks. You are then excorted to your special seaside/sunset table for dinner and then enjoy a private island tour.

A third option in Arizona and California invites guests to suit up for a L-39 for Fighter Jet Formation Flying. Try out tail chases, fighter manuevers and simulated air combat against another L-39 fighter plane.

The fighter jet fourth option is aboard an AT-6 Texan War bird flight in Arizona. Fly the world famous North American T-6. Of the 16,000 of these that were once built, only a handful are still flying. Step back in time and re-live an amazing part of this country’s aviation heritage. Whether you’re a pilot or an enthusiast, this is a chance of a life-time for yourself or a loved one. You select the flight path!


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