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World Class Driving Ferrari Tour in ItalyAt World Class Driving, they regard travel as a calling that stimulates the mind and nourishes the spirit. The  supercar driving vacations offer a rare chance to satisfy your curiosity about the world, mark a milestone, or return from a journey transformed – all while enjoying the world’s finest supercars on the most memorable roads on the planet.

Since World Class Driving developed these exclusive and very private luxury tours in 2008, nearly 80 participants have joined us for the trip of a lifetime. Are you next?

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Viva Italia: The Italian Supercar Tour invites you to be one of the first to drive the new Ferrari 458 Italia supercar in Italy. Imagine a first-class combination of the world’s most exclusive supercars (including the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini LP-560 Spyder and more) with Italian lifestyle, five-star accomodations, and fine dining. During this 5-day event, you’ll enjoy a 1,000km scenic road tour from Monaco to Rome, and a carefully selected set of historic and charming destinations. Includes five star accommodations, lodging, and a private staff.

Only two double-occupancy seats remain in 2010.


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