Australia Kangaroo Island Food Safari at Southern Ocean Lodge

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Take Advantage of the “KI Food Safari” Offer from Southern Ocean Lodge

The very first KI Food Safari will be held starting on August 27 to September 1, 2011 and this will be headed by the Southern Ocean Lodge. This five-night epicurean escapade will also be made exciting with a participation of two of the well-known “Safari Guides” and chef personalities known as Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer.

There are various activities that the guests will surely enjoy in the KI Food Safari. Handy works plus vineyard explorations are added to the long list of adventures that the tourists will benefit from upon taking up Southern Ocean Lodge’s offer.

The vineyards of Kangaroo Island will be deeply explored in this one-of-a-kind safari tour. The major products as well as the process used for these goods in order to produce tasty treats will also be learned in the five-day culinary offer.

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$4950/person culinary tour

In this gastronomy tour, the travelers will get a chance to make a bright discovery with regards to the first-rate wines and foods that are created using the freshest ingredients from the nearby sources. And, the guests will be lead by the well-known and acclaimed Australian food celebrities, Bryant and Beer.

An enjoyable tour is guaranteed in this KI Food Safari as guests will be guided by Simon Bryan and Maggie Beer, who are both acknowledged in the field of cookery. Plus, they may also anticipate for the participation of different food celebrities and Australian producers during the entire KI Food Safari tour.

Kangaroo Island is considered to be among the up-and-coming destination spot in the whole world with its production of high-quality foods. For this tour, the travelers will get a chance to interact with the local food producers and they will also be able to have a taste of the foods that are guaranteed to be freshly-picked. Most importantly, they will be able to learn the precious stories behind this successful food production directly from the producers. Those who are interested must quickly make a reservation since slots for this offer cannot cater too many tourists.

Various benefits may be taken advantage of by the tourists in the KI Food Safari and one of which is a five-night stay in their chosen extravagant suite. Furthermore, the guests will surely enjoy the quality spirits and wines that will be served in the in-suite and open bars of the island.

Also, the $4,950 charge for every person twin share will include of transport service to and from the airport and the destinations included in the itinerary. The charge for a return flight as offered by the Regional Express from Kingscote, Kangaroo Island to Adelaide will also be incorporated in the offer.


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