Luxury Travel Vietnam Gets the Spotlight in FITUR 2011

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Luxury Travel Co., Ltd Gets the Spotlight in FITUR 2011

Luxury Travel Co., Ltd is considered to be the pioneer luxury travel agency in Vietnam and it was established in the year 2004. This is the first, among the many travel companies, which has been able to discover the most recent trend in tourism and sponsor the most precious destination spots to the tourists who aspires for extravagant explorations.

The top Vietnam luxury tour operator truly has evidently stable foundation and tons of experience in promoting luxury tours and this is one of the main reasons why the group has been able to continuously advance in establishing routes and satisfying their valued patrons, who have chosen to visit the continent of Asia.

The accomplishments of Luxury Travel Co. can be concluded taking note of the claims made by none other than Ha Pham, the initiator and the CEO of Luxury Travel Co., Pham stated that during the previous year, the company received a large number of bookings coming from about 10,000 travelers wherein the majority is composed of prominent personalities and VIPs. He was able to conclude that this year can become more fruitful since more luxury-tour-seeking voyagers from all over the world may enjoy their products.

The corporation hopes for further expansion that is why they have planned to set up business connections with the luxury tour agencies in Spain during the FITUR 2011, which will be held from the tomorrow, January 19th to january 23 in Madrid, Spain.

FITUR is an official event that gathers tourism experts, like hotels, tourist agencies, travel consultants and operators, worldwide. The main purpose of this meeting is to improve tourism business by sharing strategies and creating links among the companies from different foreign countries.

In this year’s FITUR, the Vietnamese company will partake not just as an ordinary participant but as an Exhibitor. The primary goal of this company is to educate fellow travel professionals in the area of successfully trading luxury tour packages among the customers in Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asian countries.

The company is also planning to introduce to travelers, who desire an exceptional voyage experience, Vietnam’s version of extravagance-based tourism and other related businesses. Moreover, this luxury tour operator would also want to share their expertise by promoting luxury Southeast Asian travels that comes with first-class tailored services and an imaginative view of the region’s distinctive culture, cookery, and history.

Luxury Travel Company has designed a plan that would enable them to meet their goals in the FITUR show. According to Pham Ha, their company would like to let the participants decipher the true meaning of luxury travels, establish a one-of-a-kind travel experience by letting them try their own offers, share the ways of increasing the trades by making the most of the resources, and many more.


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