Monaco Grand Prix Exclusive Experience this May 2011

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Grand Tourist Formula One Driving Experience

The country of Monaco is considered to be a part of the list of the world’s most magnificent luxury vacation destinations. Aside from this, people find this place to be very suitable as a gambling hotspot.

Monaco is a mixture of classiness, extravagance, and natural sceneries. And, the tourists’ Formula 1 experience will be made more exciting through the beautiful architectural backgrounds that are very much unique to the continent of Europe.

Racing enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix this season. And, it will become more exhilarating as Ferrari, McLaren, and Red Bull show the results of their continuous improvement in the driving scene thus guaranteeing another breathtaking racing event.

The first day of the event will be on May 27 (Friday) and this is the arrival of the guests in Nice through a private jet plane. And then, they will be transported by a helicopter to the country of Monaco. The tourists will be given a chance to rest in the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel and unwind on the rooftop as they drink a glass of champagne and take in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. And at night, the guests will also be able to visit Monte Carlo’s lively Casino Square, which was established in the year 1863 and has become popular for betting games since then.

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On the 28th of May 2011, the racing aficionados there will be grandstand tickets that will be offered for the qualifiers of that day. On the other hand, some of the enthusiasts may have a relaxing viewing while on the balcony of the hotel’s roof.

For those who cannot wait for the major event in Monaco, they may first take time in touring the Jardin Exotique that is a place that contains the most exceptional plants or the Peillon, which is famous for the murals created by Canavesi.

The third day, which is on May 29, 2011, is the schedule of the celebrated racing event of Formula 1. This will leave the tourists at the end of their sits as the racers drive through the Monaco racetrack, which is known to be one of the most exciting tracks globally. However, it is also one of the most hazardous Grand Prix circuit and if it were not a racetrack for F1 then it would not be used by the racers this driving season. And, after a day of race, the guests will be able to enjoy a gala dinner until the morning the next day at the Amber Lounge party that is dedicated to the F1 drivers and celebrities.

The 30th of May is the last day of the 4-day tour and the tourists will be given a festive breakfast. And, they will also be given an opportunity to have a last-minute shopping in the nearby shops. Afterwards, they will be having their flight back home thus marking the end of the tour.


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