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Let the “Palace on Wheels” Treat You Just Like a Real Indian Majesty

Do you imagine what it is like to wander in the course of the Rajputs’ majestic empires? How about seeing the gorgeous-looking sights of the spectacular Taj Mahal? These two and many more Indian expeditions will be possible with a trip with Palace on Wheels.

Each country had been prosperous in a variety of aspects during the year 2010. India would not allow itself to fall last in a race since 2010 had also been equally thriving for their country. As a matter of fact, 2010 is considered to be the most glorious year in India‘s tourism.

There were a lot of people from foreign lands who have come to visit since India was the host country for the massive yearly occasion, which was the 2010 Commonwealth Games. But most important of all the year’s accomplishments, Indian tourism truly hit the highest mark when they launched the new features of their globally acknowledged Palace on Wheels.

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Luxury Train Tours in India

In 2010, Palace on Wheels unleashed the most up-to-date amenities of this exceedingly popular train. Aside from the world-class services, the train also offers satellite televisions on each of the cabins. In addition, the developers of the Palace on Wheels made sure that their passengers would enjoy their ride as they also provide an access to internet connection. And, there is also a spa located on each of the train’s cabins. Indian Memoirz, which is the only travel agency that offers Palace on Wheels package, introduced their promo so as to advance the already booming extravagance-centered tourism in India.

There are other luxury trains that exist worldwide but Palace on Wheels found its way to the fourth position in the list of the ten most elegant trains. Based on the country’s history, this majestic Indian-based train was established for the purpose of easing the voyage of the royalties in India, specifically the kings of the Rajput kingdom. Moreover, this royal train also took part in serving the high-ranked officials like the Nizams of Hyderabad, leaders of Gujrat, and British India’s Vice-Roy.

The present lavishness of this luxury train may be dated back to the time when this fourteen-coached train was adequately resourced with almost all types of treats of the modern times. And, at a suitable period of time, the train underwent improvements that it was incorporated with highly-advanced and bizarre services.

The journey begins at Delhi and Palace on Wheels will take the tourists to various tourist spots during the trip, which has a length of seven days and eight nights. The route consists of passing through the center of the Rajasthan and other astonishing sites such as Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bharatpur, and Chittorgarh. And, the last stop would be the love’s solid embodiment, Taj Mahal, which is located in Agra. The magnificent trip is brought to a conclusion after the Palace on Wheels’ have its quick stopover at Taj Mahal and when the passengers are then returned to the journey’s starting point, Delhi.


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