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Enjoy 2012 with the Reef & Rainforest Tours' Special Trips

Borneo is a wonderful place, and this truth is best shown by the luxury vacation packages of the Reef  & Rainforest Tours.

From encounters with the endangered Arctic polar bear to enjoying the first rays of sunshine atop the pinnacle of a remote Borneo mountain, the Reef & Rainforest Tours undoubtedly has it all in terms of vacation variety and destination excellence. For 2012, the company has a once-in-a-lifetime, cannot-miss trips you’ll definitely want to be a part of if you’re a vacationer and traveler that’s worth his or her own salt. What’s more, if you book for these wondrous trips right now, you’ll be able to save a grand total of £2,100.

You mustn’t risk missing out these vacations altogether, because these burgeoning adventures are arguably experiences both rare and thrilling. You should be among the first to see at 2012 the exclusive view Borneo about four thousand meters up. There’s no better way to celebrate 2012′s New Year’s Eve than climbing one of the highest South East Asian mountains in existence (Mount Kinabalu), reaching its 4,095-meter summit, and watching the first sunrise of January 1, 2012 all the way up there, where the heavens are just a fingertip away and the gloriousness of the sun will leave you breathless and humbled.

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Luxury Tours from £2,100

Also, because Borneo is eight hours ahead of the GMT, you will literally be one of the few to see 2012′s New Year sunrise in the world; it’s definitely the ultimate New Year celebration, without a doubt! At any rate, this exclusive Reef & Rainforest Tours‘ trip costs £2,352 per person, and it includes the majority of the meals, mountain permits, domestic flights, shared tours, shared transfers, and flights with Malaysia Airlines.

As for the High Arctic Wildlife Adventure, it’s scheduled for June 3 to 12, 2012. The High Arctic Wildlife Adventure is also a treat for all you nature lovers out there who want to meet arctic animals face-to-face and in their natural habitat.

If you’re an intrepid traveler and animal enthusiast, then this is the trip for you! Traveling towards the Arctic’s remote ice floe edge will enable you to enjoy an exclusive wildlife adventure like you’ve never seen before. Seeing narwhal (a supposed “sea” unicorn) and polar bears at the arctic is many times more worthwhile than visiting a local Sea World or zoo, to be sure. You’ll be able to witness their unique behaviors, their hunting patterns, and so forth. If you think these trips are for you, then you should definitely book before June 3, 2011 in order to save up to £2,100.


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