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Seabourn Yachts - Luxury Cruises in Europe

Luxury Cruise operator Seabourn is offering exclusive luxury yacht cruises at lowest fares ever starting at €1,899. Seabourn Yachts offers Europe cruises and Asia cruises starting this June. Read on to discover what’s available for the upcoming Seabourn cruise season.

The luxury cruises aboard the Seabourn Pride include a luxury cruise from Hong Kong to Beijing for 12 days. Leaving Hong Kong on June 3, this luxury cruise is available for €2,499. Another Seabourn Pride cruise includes a pre-cruise journey and maritime adventure from Beijing, China to Korea and finally docking in Kobe, Japan. The 12-day cruise kicks off on June 11 and is available for €2,999. The reverse luxury cruise leaving from Japan and docking in Shanghai is available at €3,199 with starting dates on June 23, July 29 and August 10.

Luxury cruises aboard the Seabourn Spirit offers top Europe cruises in Italy, Monaco, Spain, Greece and France. The Seabourn Spirit Italian Mosaic cruise is a round-trip Rome cruise for seven days, leaving on June 26, with prices starting on €1,999. The Adriatic Enchantment cruise from Rome to Venice is a 7-day cruise leaving on July 3 and is also priced at €1,999. The reverse cruise from Rome to Venice is also available at €1,999 and leaves on July 17.

The Seabourn Sojourn takes luxury cruise guests to the north, with exclusive cruises to Denmark. The luxury cruise leaves on August 8 for a 14-day cruise round-trip from Copenhagen, Denmark. Cruise guests can explore the Norwegian Fjords and northern Scotland. Prices start at €3,299. On August 22, Seabourn Sojourn cruises into Scandinavia and Russia from Copenhagen, Denmark for 12-days, with prices starting at €2,999.


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