ShopIn & CorporateJets Shopping Tour on Jet to London, Milan, Paris

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Shopin and Corporatejets - Personal Shopping Tour in Milan, London, Paris

Shopin, the Madrid personal shopping service has recently announced its new stellar partnership with private jet company Corporatejets.

Taking full-service personal shopping to the next level, Shopin and Corporatejets are now offering a Customized Shopping Trip to London, Paris or Milan on a private jet. Spend the day in Europe’s top fashion capitals with the esteemed personal shoppers from ShopIn and the private jet service from Corporatejets.

The biggest fashion capitals are now at your fingertips. Guests are invited to enjoy a five-star travel service with personalized shopping guides that take you into the most original and fashionable shops in London, Paris and Milan. Shopin search for the finest boutiques to ensure that their clients that they will find only fabulous items.

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Personal Shopping Tours

If you want to surprise your partner with a trip or if you are looking for a fun getaway with friends, discover the trips Shopin has designed for you. Just choose the destination and Shopin will organize the most chic shopping route. Going hand in hand with your personal shopper, your purchases will become much more successful and fun.

It’s a plan that may fit into your Christmas shopping or simply satisfy your taste for travel, offering up the stunning trends of Milan, the vibrant rhythms of London and the exquisite style of Paris.

Enjoy the vacation without the hassle of planning a trip. Forget about connections and long waits at the airport, with Shopin and Corporatejets, you are provided your desired departure times from when and where. Don’t worry about checking luggage, you can forget about your suitcases altogether since Corporatejets will take care of all your baggage needs.

Shopin‘s turn-key services include personal shopping routes created by esteemed guides who use their knowledge and connections to open up the cities’ private galleries, showrooms, dealers and boutiques just for you. State your wish, and Shopin‘s personal shoppers is at your service.


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