Space Adventures Commercial Spaceflight in 2013

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Commercial Spaceflight Available in 2013 As Stated By Space Adventures

On January 12, Space Adventures finally revealed what has been agreed upon on the company’s ongoing conference with Rocket Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia) and Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation (FSA).

According to this exclusive human space mission prospect provider, three slots of the Soyuz spaceship, which will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS), will be marketed starting in the year 2013. Welcome to the ultimate space tourism experience and enjoy the view from far, up above.

Expansion of the Soyuz project is anticipated for the coming years in which a minimum of four and a maximum of five spaceships will be produced every year until 2013. Hence, Space Adventures guarantees that more seats will be offered to the potential clients in the future.

Eric Anderson, Space Adventures’ Chairman, extended their company’s thrilled sentiments regarding the closed deal involving the continuous Soyuz spacecraft development, which is actually a product of their fruitful partnership with the two well-established Russian groups. They also want to send their gratitude to the two Russia-based companies for supplying them the preferred transportation utilities through the one-of-its-kind and exclusive human-piloted spaceship.

Anderson added that civilians and other business units demonstrated their great interest in gaining contact with the space station from the time when the news about the mission of Guy Laliberte was publicized. Space Adventures communicates with these individuals and groups and they are hoping to bring good news in the following years.

The Chairman of Space Adventures also enlightened the public about the accomplishments of their company. This started ten years ago when Dennis Tito, the first space voyager that was financed by private organizations, was sent to the outer space. That momentous event became the foundation of the succeeding seven missions that were directed to the space station.

The passengers stay for about three months in the space and this unofficially turns them into diplomats based on their space explorations. On the other hand, travel via the Soyuz spacecrafts would only take a maximum of ten days but this short period will definitely boost ISS’s launch capacity.

According to Alexei Krasnov, the Director of FSA’s Human Spaceflight, their corporation finds it appealing to maintain their space tourism-related business proposals with Space Adventures. They also see the benefits of the continuous production of spacecrafts as it improves the potentials of the ISS transportation. Moreover, they find the partnership with Space Adventures as a means of effectively responding to the needs of the private groups and individuals to explore the space.

RSC Energia also encourages their strong collaboration with Space Adventures and FSA. RSC Energia President Vitaly Lopota supported the plan of producing five Soyuz spacecrafts and their company anticipates that more chances will be available for the spaceflight clients in the year 2013.


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