Africa Flying Safari: Adventure Tour from Travcoa

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Travcoa Africa Flying Safari - Adventure Tour

Building on an invitation from the Zulu royal household, pioneering luxury tour operator Travcoa celebrates its expedition history this September with a 3,500-mile, four-nation flying safari tour to attend the most significant cultural event on the African continent. The luxury safari tour explores the heart of Africa.

The 18-day expedition, titled Once in a Lifetime Africa, explores seldom seen natural beauty in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique, and introduces travelers to the cultures, people and places that have helped shaped those nations’ past and future.  The private tour brings you Africa culture, traditions and wildlife in a unique, up-close and personal experiecne.

Book with Travcoa Luxury Tours
$35,000 per person
Starts Sept. 1 in Johannesburg

The luxury safari is reserved for only 14 explores ready to experience the places, people, sights and events that capture the essence of Africa. Travcoa president Jerre Fuqua commented, “I’ve personally worked with our Africa experts to connect hidden-gem destinations, behind-the-scenes experiences, local leaders, families, artists and businessmen along the route, and know it to be unlike any other travel experience on earth.”

Guests can fly in the restored Douglas DC-3 airliner commanded by two South African captains with decades of experience. The pilots, flight attendant and expedition leaders personally know the places and people that will make a difference, and will provide an extraordinary level of comfort, safety, access and insider knowledge throughout the expedition.

Africa Flying Safari
18-Day Luxury Safari Tour
South Africa

Although this adventure expedition emphasizes off-the-beaten-path discovery, comfort has not been overlooked in any aspect. The expedition also uses some of Africa’s most beautiful, exclusive lodges, camps and hotels, with exceptional local guides and extraordinary meals and events scheduled just for this expedition party.

Travcoa‘s Africa expert and Expedition Leader for this journey is Dr. Loel Fenwick, the son of a Zululand game ranger and a pioneer of bespoke classic airliner expeditions through Africa. “I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with the dynamic, intelligent clients who choose a true expedition over a typical tour. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for those that want to really experience Africa’s natural beauty, history and rich culture,” said Fenwick.

The Once in a Lifetime Africa expedition costs $35,000 per person and departs from Johannesburg on September 1, 2010. The expedition includes Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana; special bush camps in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park; Bazaruto Island off the coast of Mozambique; Kwandwe Game Reserve, Plettenberg Bay, Oudtshoorn, Cape Town and the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa. Although the aircraft has the capacity for up to 28 people, the Once in a Lifetime Africa expedition is limited to only 14 travelers.


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