Urbane Nomads Private Reindeer Tour in Mongolia

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Urbane Nomads Reindeer Tour

Culture guru and trendspotter Urban Daddy recently reported on a unique private tour in Mongolia this summer – Urbane Nomads’ Trek to the Tsaatan Encampment, Mongolia 2010. The reindeer trek in Mongolia takes you into the heart of the Mongolian wilderness, complete with relaxing spa treatments and expert guide offering an insider peek into the vibrant culture and local customs.

The reindeer people (tsaatan), with the accompanying myths of Shambhala (the land of the tsaatans is believed to coincide with the Shambhala of Buddhist texts), their unique lifestyles and shamanic practices and the legendarily challenging trek to find their campsite are factors that makes this trek one of the most photogenic and mythical trips offered by Urbane Nomads.

The lores, the arduous trek, the appeal of the nomadic life, albeit for a few days and ultimately finding ‘Shambhala’ and being amongst the reindeers and reindeer herders has a permanent foothold on our imaginations.

Reindeer Tour in Mongolia
$5287/per person
11-Day Tour
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Visit the reindeer people on this full private tour. The luxury tour starts in Beijing, with a night stayover at Aman At Summer Palace before heading off to Ulaan Baatar. You can then fly over to Muren (and drive to base camp where you will enjoy a late dinner.  The private tour continues with Horseback riding along the Hoogi River and a special visit with nomad families. Stay overnight at base camp and then depart to Taiga on horseback expedition.

The tour then heads to the Reindeer People’s summer camp at the Mingholuk Plateau, where you will switch from horses to reindeer and explore the sacred mountain. The summer camp stay includes exclusive spa services at the Hot Baths. Return to Beijing on the 11th Day.

$5287/per person. Price is on double occupancy basis, 4 to go. The private tour includes accommodation at the Aman At Summer Palace, hotel transfers, accommodation at Ulan Baatar, all food and accommodation in Moren, at base camp or during trekking.


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