US Supercar Tour Specials for Christmas: Driving Tour Friends for Free

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World Class Driving - Friends Free on US Supercar Tour

World Class Driving is currently offering the 7 Deals of Christmas with unbeatable driving tour offers every other day for the next 14 days. Today, the latest vacation deal is “Buy a US Supercar Tour, Bring a Guest for Free.

The World Class Driving experience offer is available for all United States Supercar tour purchases. Sportcar fans who purchase a World Class Driving gift certificate for $1,695 or more or alternatively book a supercar driving event can bring their (new) best friend as a guest passenger at no additional cost.

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This exclusive Christmas deal is a great way to share your driving enthusiasm with your girlfriend, wife, dad, or best bud – and you’ll save $300 with this deal.

After the success of the Black Friday free iPod Touch giveaway with purchase, World Class Driving continues their string of 2010 driving tour offers with this “friendly” vacation special.


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