Visit Rawnsley Park Station for April 2011′s Outback Ballooning Event

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Visit Rawnsley Park Station for April 2011’s Outback Ballooning Event

The Outback Ballooning will be holding a ballooning activity once again starting on April 2011 and people will witness the most interesting flights during this event. People who are interested in seeing this one-of-a-kind view may visit the Rawnsley Park Station that is found in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. After all, it has been decided that this place will be the venue for the ballooning season of 2011 that will happen all throughout the year beginning on the month of April.

During this event as many as 10 individuals per hour may take pleasure in the hot air balloon during sunrise. Of course this will depend on the state of the weather during the event. Through this balloon ride, the guests will be able to fly over the biggest and extremely spectacular mountain range of South Australia. And after an hour of exciting flight, these individuals are scheduled to have a very small breakfast meal consisting of cheese, biscuits, and breakfast cereal and it will also come with Australia’s very own delicious wine.

As one of the leading hot air balloon operator in Australia, Outback Ballooning decided to present an offer to the ballooning enthusiasts who will visit the Rawnsley Park Station. This promo is worth $350 AUD for every adult individual and a unique hot air balloon experience is guaranteed at this given price. Children with ages 6 to 16 years old will have a lesser charge of about $280 AUD only.

There are different lodgings that can be chosen from by the tourists who are interested in this hot air balloon event. They may choose to lodge in any of the 8 luxury eco-villas wherein 6 of which have 1 bedroom while the other 2 villas have 2 bedrooms.


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