Wire Luxury Tours Offers Tailor-Made Holidays in Rajasthan

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India Luxury Tour - Wire Tailor-Made Holidays in India

Rajasthan‘s newest boutique travel agency, Wire, launches its first collection of exclusive private tours in India for couples and solo travellers. The focus is quite simply on quality – including only the crème de la crème of hotels, stunning sights and amazing encounters, combining these in itineraries that take a tour and turn it in to the experience of a lifetime.

The founding directors, both Europeans with a passion for luxury travel are now based in Jaipur and have been working exhaustively to include only those places that offer something truly special. Their recent 5000 kilometre research luxury vacation was designed specifically to re-visit, discover and qualify which sights really are breathtaking and to check which luxury hotels succeed in their mission to really stand out from the rest.

With tourism in India growing every year Wire‘s approach gives them an opportunity to create unique journeys, tailored for the most discerning travellers. Basing choices on quality alone, there is a firm resolution not be influenced by fees or commission, no matter how lucrative. Whether an à la carte luxury tour or a tailor-made holiday, each element of the itinerary is carefully selected for its wow factor and the directors are actively involved in every aspect, including one of them accompanying clients on the tour to carefully ‘stage-manage’ the entire adventure and share their insights.

Khaled Hussain is the marketing director for Wire and explains more: “As a luxury destination Rajasthan has much to offer, but unfortunately the quality and consistency in some locations can fall short of visitors’ expectations – no matter how much you paid for your dream holiday. Our role is to take away the uncertainty of booking a luxury trip, especially if you have never been here before. We do the research, test each and every hotel and find more than just the well-known sights. Our standards are very high and we try to be as objective as possible but essentially our litmus test is ‘would we want to go on this tour or visit this attraction ourselves?’”

Wire’s handpicked selection of luxury hotels ranges wildly, from a tiny secluded fort on a lake to a tented camp and spa in the desert, as well as landmark TAJ hotels such as the acclaimed Rambagh Palace. The one thing they all have in common is their commitment and ability to create an unforgettable stay, time and time again.

With its rich variety of architecture, culture, landscapes and heritage, Rajasthan is staking a claim as India‘s number one tourist destination. As well as the most well-known sights such as the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, or the City Palace in Jaipur, Wire will also take its clients out in to rural Rajasthan to explore further and connect with local people. Even though there are some big distances to cover, the private tours are designed to avoid exceptionally long car journeys and set a more relaxed pace, with the “in between” places becoming some of the biggest highlights.


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