WLCVacations New Luxury Cruise Destinations for 2011

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Freshest Tourist Destinations for 2011 Announced by WLCVacations

World Luxury Cruise Vacations has been popular for providing relaxing boats sails along Europe’s rivers and canals. And, in their continuous service in offering the most extravagant cruises, they have released extra sets of luxury cruises that their clients may enjoy this 2011. Of course, the voyages this present year will still be brought to life with the use of WLCVacations’ highly-popular River Cruise vessels.

WLCVacations has so many things up its sleeves and one of which is the increase in the quantity of cruises and routes that hold various themes. In this case, there is also a great chance of experiencing new forms of escapade via WLCVacations’ innovative cruise vessels. Furthermore, those who prefer smaller boats may also take pleasure in the services that are tendered by one of the most extravagant ships in today’s time.

The level of relaxation of the potential passengers was mostly considered when the latest batches of luxury cruise vessels were created. It has always been the goal of WLCVacations to give customers the greatest satisfaction by presenting them with large rooms where they can unwind and mingle with other guests. Leisure time will also be at its best with the ships’ flat screen TVs, huge beds, and rooms with wonderful views.

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Luxury Cruises from $3490/person

The luxury yachts such as AmaDolce, AmaKatarina, and AmaLotus will all be introduced in the market this year. These 200-traveler-carrying vessels have lots of fresh offers like additional routes that include the countries of Amsterdam, Vietnam, and Russia.

Travelers may enjoy a smooth sail through the Caledonian Canal, which is found in the western part of Europe. This trip is made more interesting as it is laced with various themes like bicycling, golfing, fishing, and honeymoon. People may avail this promo all throughout the year with a price that begins at USD$3,490 US dollars per head.

Meanwhile, a cruise in the length of the Columbia River Gorge that is seen in the Pacific Northwest can be experienced with a starting price of USD$4,395 US dollars for every individual. Of course, this also comes with unique choices of themes like culinary and wine.

There is an array of themes to which WLCVacations consumers can choose from and these are: holiday, walking, romance, and painting. These are all planned for the purpose of supporting the leisure activities of the clients all with a touch of extravagance.

According to the WLCVacations owners, Ana P. Valente and Jean F. Dabrowski, their company’s aim is to deviate from the common marketing strategy of providing one type of cruise for all travelers with different tastes. Their objective is to give their customers a kind of adventure that they will never forget. WLCVacations also guarantees that, in this year, their clients will be presented with an excellent luxury cruise may it be for the entire family or just for two.


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