World Class Driving Debuts New Bentley Convertible

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World Class Driving Introduces the Newest High-speed 4-Door Convertible

The company that is famous for hosting many of the well-known driving tours and motorsports globally is known as the World Class Driving. This company provides the best affairs and tours related to supercar driving in the country of United States. Hence, the fans of exotic cars in the US continuously gain a truly one-of-a-kind experience each time they attend such event.

The collection of cars owned by World Class Driving is luxurious, first class, and each of the units is in a very good condition. Through this, the aficionados will obtain a kind of experience that is extremely exceptional. Moreover, the programs presented by this company are all personalized thus satisfying the desires of the fans of luxury cars.

Driving tours are also provided by World Class Driving so as to give their customers a chance to drive the top-of-the-line cars. Aside from this, there are exotic car tours that make use of the high-class supercars such as Aston Martins, Ferraris, and the Lamborghinis.

Just recently, World Class Driving introduced the 2011 Bentley SS Convertible, which is the newest addition to the company’s US Supercar Tour. The supercar has specifications of 202 mph and 621 HP. This car is considered to be the four-door convertible that can run fastest when compared to the other convertibles in the whole world.

Using this car, the local speed limits may be broken while using the first gear. And, using the remaining five in the six-speed gearbox may then cause the imprisonment of the driver of this high-speed car.

The interior of the convertible includes carbon fiber, quilt, pipe, and stitch giving the passengers a special feel. On the other hand, the exterior of the car receives the SuperSports treatment brought from the SS Coupe. The external appearance of the car is a bit the dimmer shade of the light cluster. And, the brightware that is installed on the supercar is black-chromed. It has a slash-cut intercooler that supplies the front bumper’s rims. Lastly, this convertible car appears tough and Bentley even deems it as the extreme type of machine.

Car enthusiasts will surely have the greatest time of their life once they get the chance to see this particular car. And, they will also be able to have the opportunity to drive this car if they will be making a reservation for the coming US Supercar Tour.


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