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World Class Driving Formula One Discovery Driving Experience New York

Are you ready? All the thrill, at just half the price. World Class Driving is now offering a special half-day Formula One Discovery driving expereince, perfect for a gift or weekend spent filling the shoes of the world’s top Formula One drivers.

In this half-day event, you’ll slide behind the wheel of one of the most highly engineered pieces of machinery on the planet: a modern Formula One car. These authentic racecars represent the pinnacle of racing technology, and are showcased in one of the most exciting motorsports events on the planet.

We’ll equip with you with all the coaching and materials needed to successfully complete the event – no prior experience necessary. Your day starts with a ground school overview of the 720HP Arrows Formula One Car at the Monticello Motor Club in New York. Our F1 instructors will personally coach you through a safety briefing and courses in weight transfer, braking, and driving trajectories. Later, you’ll experience high speed laps throughout varied track configurations.

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Rates Starting at $3,495

Your experience ends with the presentation of a Formula One certificate, and a podium picture with a F1 trophy. In-car video footage and photos are lifetime keepsakes to share your experience with fellow enthusiasts. You’ll leave the event exhausted and exhilarated, with a new-found appreciation for the sheer power of Formula One cars.

Available Dates: Book Now

Formula One Experience (NY) September 26, 2010 $6,995

Formula One Discovery (NY) October 22, 2010 $3,495

Formula One Discovery (NY) May 17, 2011 $3,495

Formula One Experience (NY) May 18, 2011 $6,995

Formula One Discovery (NY) June 14, 2011 $3,495

Formula One Experience (NY) June 15, 2011 $6,995

Formula One Discovery (NY) July 12, 2011 $3,495

Formula One Experience (NY) July 13, 2011 $6,995

Formula One Gift Certificate Any Session $3,495


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