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Villa Capriana is a luxury villa built along a cliff and Capri may be viewed from this house. It is an old villa that was first established in Annunziata during the 17th century. The villa has undergone a series of renovations allowing the vacation home to return to its original beauty. And, through the redecoration, the villa is now a combination of the historical and modern designs.

The villa offers a really good view of the coast of Sorrento. Hence, people who will stay in this villa will not only be able to rest but they can also relax through the beautiful views.

The historic style of the villa can be observed on the staircase artfully carved from sandstone from the Massa area. Furthermore, the staircase is decorated with the kind of mosaics that has been popular during the 18th century.

The charge for the villa rental already includes various features and one of which is the 24-hour service of the housekeepers. The electricity, heating, water and gas also comprise the cost of rental. Moreover, there is a scheduled daily cleaning within and outside the villa for about 6 hours per day.

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Changing of linen, towels, and swimming pool towels with a frequency of 2/3 times per week is guaranteed. There is a free breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day, too. The guests may also enjoy the welcome room and drink that will be presented by the villa upon their arrival. Free newspaper for news updates and free internet connection is ascertained as well.

The luxury vacation home Villa Capriana is not just a perfect place for a getaway. After all, it can also be considered to be an ideal venue for wedding ceremonies. As a matter of fact, Villa Capriana offers service from a wedding planner if the guests were to request for it. And, one of the jobs performed by the wedding planner is the preparation on all the portions of the entire ceremonial.

This villa may also be a site for various events like fashion shows, gala evenings, concerts, parties. Moreover, historical or fiction films may also use this place in the making of the movie. Lastly, the Capriana has a lounge that may be utilized in business meetings. And, this lounge is large enough that it can hold about 15 to 30 persons.


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