Check out Bellavista’s Three New Villas This August

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Check out Bellavista’s Three New Villas This August

If travelers want to experience luxury vacation in the most attractive villas one can ever imagine then they should be considering Bellavista as it is well-known for luxury villa rentals. For over 20 years, this company continued to offer accommodations to tourists in the form of extravagant apartments, chalets, and villas. And by August, they will be introducing three new villas that will surely satisfy the people who are seeking for a lavish vacation.

First of the three is the Villa Poulec, which is a lodging found between the shores of Marina di Novaglie and Marina Serra in Italy. This estate is divided into two different parts: the main house and the dependence. This villa can accommodate up to 6 individuals as it has 3 adequately-sized bedrooms and 2 shower rooms that can be shared by all the guests.

One of the top features of this villa is that the beautiful beach can be viewed in all the room as well as the four balconies. Moreover, the villa also has an outdoor kitchen, which includes a baking stone, gas cooker, and barbeque thus allowing the guests to enjoy an al fresco cooking with the others.

Another property from Bellavista is the Villa Cypar, which is established on the Parikia Uphill in the country of Greece. This is admirable for its traditional Cycladic structure as well as its natural sceneries. This is a larger luxury villa compared to the first one as it can house up to 10 individuals and it has 4 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms.

The tourists will certainly be pleased if they would be choosing to stay in this villa mainly because of the calmness of the environment here. Moreover, the balcony of Villa Cypar offers breathtaking views of the sunset, the Parkia Bay, and the other surrounding islands.

Various things that can be taken advantage of in this villa and one of which is the 12-meter-by-4.5-meter swimming pool filled with spring water. There are also the equipments that may be freely used by the guests such as the washing machine, microwave, DVD player, telescope, and the gas barbecue.

Lastly, there is the Villa Corvec and this is found in the country of France. This is also a large estate that has a capacity of 10 persons and about 5 bedroom and 5 bathrooms may be shared by the guests.

Villa Corvec can make the guests feel like they are at home even though it is extravagant in style. Furthermore, the wonderful views of the Santa Giulia bay,  Sardinia, and Palombaggia will complete the relaxing stay of the guests.


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